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Did I just see reports that the Nice attacker used certain ~~websites~~ to pick up men and women for sex?
I might not be remembering this quite right, but I seem to recall Arnold trying to adopt a more "American" accent in the late 80's to early 90's and then decided "fuck it" because his accent is a part of his brand and makes him more marketable as such. Perhaps Fabio and Melania both figure there's no reason to reduce their accents.
Stop and Frisk and non-lethal police violence protesting isn't sexy enough for news headlines and click bait attention whoring, obviously. Murders caught on video are juicy. Didn't you all watch Nightcrawler?
I just wanted the full Ata experience summed up in a neat post. Is that too much to ask for?*edit*Has the off-duty cop murdering fellow motorist Delrawn Small been covered in this or the police thread yet? There was a fairly sizable BLM protest held here in NYC as a result. I suspect it was buried under Alton Sterling, Philandro Castille, along with the Dallas and Baton Rouge police shootings news.
Just trying to straw man the shit out of "statistics" like a lot of these race baiting posters like to do in CE.My point is to ask what is the reason for comparing the number of whites killed by blacks and vice versa? It hasn't been adjusted to take % of population into account or % of murders by race and their relative populations. "Twice as many" is fairly meaningless unless you're trying to convince stupid people of whatever your angle or point is.
2x more?!?! That's incredible. How many more whites are there than blacks again? Surely not more than 2 times...Seriously, what are you getting at with those numbers?
Seems like a possible Military coup to topple Erdogan's "democratic government". Coup attempt by parts of Turkish military against Erdogan PM Yildirim: Nothing will harm Turkish democracy Low flying jets and gunfire heard in Turkish capital Both of Istanbul's bridges across the Bosphorus...
Why does the crime happen out of proportion relative to their numbers? Genetics, was it?
Nice job. Glad to see some good wrenching in here. My dad said that when he looked under the hood of the RL (which has hydraulic P/S) that the pulley wobble was actually the harmonic balancer, aka the crank pulley. It's been known to fail on these motors as there's a rubber component in it, meant to smooth out some vibrations. If I have to replace that pulley I might as well do the timing belt and everything else I was thinking of doing anyway. I confirmed that the...
That's some kind of electronic humidification device. Either a Hydra or Cigar Oasis. Amazon has the Hydra for a pretty reasonable price https://amzn.com/B005ALAZV8. The media it uses is usually the floral foam which is honestly garbage, prone to molding over, not a 2 way system, etc. I use 4 Angstrom Molecular sieves as my humidification media that charge with distilled water to my desired relative humidity (~65% rH). I have about 1 Pound of them in my wineador (currently...
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