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My grandfather used to fish regularly at the Twin Lakes, a bit northeast of Yosemite. My dad and I visited the lakes a few years back and the scenery is absolutely incredible; nestled between 3 peaks. I can't attest to the fishing though.
I wonder if that register in the ceiling above the stove is an exhaust. If it is then everything is pretty easy starting with the BTU rating of the range, figuring out the dimensions of the hood (based on your range dimensions) to ensure proper coverage, etc.
Automatic tranny makes me sad face.
Watched a bunch of movies recently. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - my girlfriend's family loves this movie and of course it came on HBO this weekend. It was fun seeing how immigrant families come across to "white people", but I have that experience already. Also the love interest is the worst actor ever. Nightcrawler - It was an intense ride but not quite as good as I was hoping for. I think a lot of my "film" friends really hyped this one up to me. Gyllenhal was pretty...
Update! I finally got that chainstay rear derailleur cable stop, a rivet gun, some pop rivets and got that sucker on there last night. I can finally complete the cabling and start trimming the derailleurs! Getting really close to riding now, especially with the nicer weather we've been having.
I hate San Francisco because of posts like this ^
Also, had a few slices of the Mutton Chop and a good helping of the Porterhouse at Keens and I find both the quality/texture of the meat and flavor to be superior to Lugers. The only thing I preferred on Lugers was the slightly more aggressive sear/char. The service was quite good, unobtrusive, and the sides were far superior as well. The desserts were passable. 7 of us ate and drank for a total of $650 after tax and tip. Which felt a bit dear until I realized we had...
Steak, duh.
I still have yet to see Winter's Bone. My dad talks about it regularly as being one of his recent favorites.
It was a surprise favorite for me. I expected to hate the movie and I truely wasn't really a fan of Phoenix's character as a mewly and somewhat pathetic person, but the movie was so well done that I couldn't help but love it.
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