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Students could also voice their opinion with their (own, parents, or loaned) money and go to a different school.
I've noticed that Armo's are the new "Russians" for film and TV bad guys. Will watch The Shield, one of these days...
I used to work at a Wendy's in high school. The burgers in general were the best of fast food that was available in my area when they were made properly. Sometimes the grill guy gets lazy, lets them sit too long and get hard, or the sandwich builder was in a rush or just a sloppy worker who didn't give a shit while only making $5.15 (min wage at the time). Generally I'd make my own while working there and they were pretty damn good. Haven't had a Wendy's burger in a long...
Well, genocide is a pretty strong reason to flee an area. Not a ton of that going on in socal, at least not against Armenians.
Can only go up from there!I haven't ridden my road bike in 6 months. I'm almost scared to get on it for how out of cardiovascular shape I am in right now.
First terrorist attack in Armenia since the 90's. 2 dead and 8 injured. Likely related to the escalated tensions since the Nagorno-Karabagh fighting. http://www.ibtimes.com/rare-deadly-blast-hits-armenian-capital-terrorist-attack-feared-2359440
Thanks for the offer and advice @gomestar. So far all I've done is taken it out of the box and half assembled it. I haven't even watched any videos or anything really, been too busy getting my new-to-me commuter bike set up. Your office is in Tribeca I gather, I'm in Meatpacking so we could easily meet up.
So you're comparing Apples to Oranges just because they're both a hatch and so you can feel like you're justified in your comment.It really should be the Base Polo vs Base Mini or perhaps GTI vs JCW, otherwise what's the point of comparison based on price and value for dollar? Sure some people still might feel the GTI a winner over a JCW mini based on that criteria, but I don't think it's a laughable gap between the two.
Do you laugh at people with $100k Golfs too?
My fake edge pro came in today. Will see if I can make some time tonight to futz around with the stock stones on an older knife to get the hang of things. Will probably order better stones shortly after.
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