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The sales and finance guys at the dealership won't care about a repo, it's off their lot/books and in the finance company's hands at that point. At least that's how I understand it. Cash means nothing when it comes to negotiating with the dealership on price.
Watching Bob Ross for hours on end is actually quite fun and soothing. I took advantage of the Twitch stream when it was running.
I'm not a fan of the body kit or smoked tail lights at all. The wheels are atrocious. The interior looks good and the body doesn't seem to have rust or any discernable issues. The fart can exhaust and the rest of the "look" screams ricer. I'd pass... The silver one you linked above looks pretty nice.
Damn, that reminds me of when my dad's 1990 F-150 crew with upgraded 250 leaf springs in the rear had a tire blow out coming up the NY Thruway to pick me and my stuff up from the end of college freshman year. He put on the full sized spare, drove 55 mph on it, and got to me in the early evening. Would you know it, 30 minutes from home the spare blew out too. That was a great truck over all though. A true work horse. Glad it ended up working out for you despite all the ups...
Yeah, feels good, man.I personally don't like white on most roadsters/convertibles. The black one looks pretty great, however I'm only looking through the pics.Did either or both come with an LSD already installed? That along with body and mechanical condition would sway my vote. Rag top condition would be secondary. Wheel style and interior being tertiary.
Well, this weekend I completed the work on my Acura RL. The harmonic balancer pulley (crank pulley) was completely shot. There's a rubber dampener between the crank disc and the grooved serpentine belt pulley ring which had deteriorated to the point were they were no longer attached. The alignment was off by an inch, causing the belt squeal and peripheral device malfunctions. While in there I did the timing belt replacement, tensioners, idler pulleys, water pump, power...
You do realize that you linked three different 1996 Miata's in the last 20 posts alone, right?There's the clean looking red, the plastidip red, and the dark (dirty wheel) one.
^ That's how I understood your initial statement. I've been looking at some Boxsters and it really runs the gamut in the $9-12k market. You can get some pretty ratty looking examples and others which have clearly been well taken care of. It would definitely suck if you are in the latter camp and then have insurance total your car.
Looks like a nice sleeper type deal. Working on a blown car will steepen your learning curve though... I personally wouldn't trust some other guy's work on a Miata he's letting go for only $4,000.
Right, the rest of the world operates on outright bribes and thinly veiled kickbacks.
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