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I find that BCS is an adequate BrBa fix for now. Some scenes I really find myself smiling while watching. Far less comedy than I was expecting, but that makes sense.
Thanks for the info and tips guys. I've been eyeing the Nashbar parabolic rollers because they fold and also have the built in protection, even more so than the TACX Conicals it seems. Going to snap one up when they go on sale again.
I hear that rollers are generally better to use as they force you to have better balance, focus, and stroke. Problems would be the learning curve and how much space it takes up.
Mildly annoying. Also the snow removal from streets and sidewalks in Astoria is atrocious.
Call me a blasphemer, but I've been really enjoying the sweet chili flavored Duane Reade brand kettle chips. I can't recall if they're the Delish or NICE! brand, but they're very thick cut and incredibly crunchy.
Thinking about getting some rollers to train on during these slushy months. Are they tough to get a hang of?
My thoughts exactly. Some newer places I could easily hear people upstairs or through walls. When I was in FiDi in a converted commercial building, everything was dead silent and perfect, of course other than actually living in FiDi.
Yakitate Japan was fun.
That's kinda funny Gome, but I also hope everyone is safe around that fire.
Yeah... Heinz is really just HFCS anyway. Nothing like that organic stuff us New Yorkers are accustomed to.
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