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This made me laugh. I play HS to unwind. I only get pissed when I fuck up and miss out on lethal, only to get killed as a result.
He really just doesn't give a flying fuck.
It was even nice out late here in NYC. I hopped on the bike at 10 pm and took a nice ride on the west side greenway. Easing my way back into the bike.
Are they going to add the D back into the company name? I noticed they had removed it...
Burn Gorman? Quite the different roles...
This is 100% how I feel about CR.
Certainly you jest!
I assume these wouldn't be Daily Driver or sole vehicle options, right? Talk about uncomfortable...
This is pretty much the feeling I get while watching it. Entertaining in a manner but completely ludicrous.
I pass by one while walking to my softball games. They are aggressive looking and I can't help but think the guy who drives it is probably a HUGE extreme sports doucher who doesn't actually do anything outside of snowboard on the regular trails and is afraid of the terrain park.
New Posts  All Forums: