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Occam's razor, bruh.
They have POV.We need the body cam off the cop to really know if he was in danger or not from the toy truck wielding maniac and the black man on the ground who was so obviously itching to reach into his waistband.
The MazdaSpeed 6 made 274 hp (114 over the base 4 and 54 over the v6) with AWD so I'd say its far more than just a gussied up external trim option. It's more like a Ford ST than a full on RS. Or WRX vs STi. http://jalopnik.com/the-mazdaspeed6-is-better-than-you-remember-1680376157 *edit* The MazdaSpeed 3's last iteration had 263 hp. No confirmed word yet on if the newest gen will get a Speed version.
Funny enough, I actually ordered some samplers of the Anastasia yesterday after emailing with the Small Batch Cigar rep (Maxamar's in CA) and I'm definitely looking forward to smoking them. I haven't had the La Tache, just the LAT52 and I have some Surrogates sticks that I haven't tried yet. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep an eye out for these as they seem to be fairly elusive.
The sampler I received:
Leave it to white people to not understand racism or comedy.
Brake job? Meaning rotors, pads and perhaps fluid (not really necessary if the pressure and fluid levels are fine) would be the same as my car. $280 or so far parts. Doing the swap yourself would take basic tools and a couple of hours if it's your first time.We're talking about someone looking for a manual sports car on the cheap. A salvage title for one of the best balanced sports cars ever made within the meager budget allotted makes sense to me. Assuming the salvage...
Google black on black Boxster, you'll get a decent representation, CL pics are so resolution you don't see shit anyway.The Boxster destroys every car you've posted about in terms of driving dynamics (not to mention looks) for only a grand more. A dent in the hood is superficial and honestly far less of a headache than a rusted out rear quarter panel (or rust you'd find everywhere on NA and NB miatas). Are you that reluctant to check out a $5,200 Boxster because of a...
My Father No 4? I haven't gotten my hands on any of the lanceros but the Robusto I smoked was excellent. I received a nice sampler of CC's from a BOTL, I need to ask him if he still has the box codes for the sticks in there. A lot of solid stuff; will post a pic when I get home. I also have a box split of H Upman Mag 46's on the way. Smoked a Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House the other day that was really tight, despite massaging it, and I had to fight the burn...
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