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I cut mine with room for a half inch spacer under the stem and quarter over. Based on the expander bolt length it catches most of the stem.I figure if I want to slam it further I can cut it again.I also have a 120mm stem on there I purchased way back when I was about to pull the trigger on a different frame. Not so sure it works for this geometry but I don't know yet. I ordered a 100mm on a black friday deal, $18 for a reported 115g weight, so I can always swap them around...
Are you ever going to cut your steerer tube down to remove most of those spacers otc? If it's a carbon tube then I believe it's better for the expander bolt to catch the stem.
Take up writing in a Moleskine.
Bartendresses usually comment on my name and that starts a short conversation followed with a buy back drink or two and of course large tips. I've pulled two numbers but never followed them up. I'm friends with restaurant and bar industry people but could never date one, their schedules are too wonky for me and they often have a touch of the crazy.
Right, even though they were only slingshotting around for a short while, 40+ years went by for Murph.Oh yeah, I agree with you. No way that would happen in our lifetime.
There were a couple slow parts but overall it felt like a VERY short 3 hour movie.I think you meant Edmund vs Mann. I took the love speech as foreshadowing of what Cooper ended up doing in the tesseract; spanning time and space.The earth end time actually does add up because they got so close to the supermassive black hole Gargantua (remember when they were on Miller's?) in order to slingshot Hathaway to Edmund's planet. Getting that close would definitely have time...
Makes you wish it were satire... I think it was the journal of someone who stayed or perhaps a dreamed up "perfect weekend" up in the mountains.www.tableonten.com/around/
I've had lines at the TJ in Chelsea that wraps literally around the store run faster than WF only 10 or so people deep in each of the 3 lines.The annoying part is navigating around the people in the line while gathering your goods. I refuse to grocery shop on Sundays and Mondays anywhere unless it's before 11 AM (who am I kidding?).The 24 hour "gourmet" deli below my apartment has the best fresh squeezed OJ I've had in a while. It's sweeter than acidic, I dig it as a part...
This is a great route to take in fair weather or during the fall foliage. It drives near the West Point compound which is worth a visit/tour as well.The Bear Mountain parks are nice to visit as well.
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