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This is GF, he needs to feel like his baby is safe. If a quarter bottle of Sta-Bil makes his vacation a stress free one where he's not thinking about his car dying without him, then it would be worth it, no? Doesn't cause any harm to add it, other than the 10 spot out of his wallet.
People have said to steer clear as it's generally populated by douche nozzles, but I won't rule it out completely. Plenty of time to check 'em all out. Thanks for the reminder.
@GreenFrog Battery tender and Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer if you must. My 9 year old car sits unused for weeks at a time with no ill effects.
Good call on the smaller RG and vitolas for when the weather warms up to semi-tolerable levels. I figured my only other options would be loungesor one of the few bars grandfathered here in NYC. Circa Tabac (now SoHo Cigar Bar) and Carnegie club have been on my list along with shops like Nat Sherman, Davidoff (formerly De La Concha), and Cigar Inn (was told the uptown location is better).
Where do you guys in the colder climes smoke during these winter months? I have a roof area but it's been too bitterly cold for me to want to spend an hour or more out there... Do you go to cigar bars/lounges?
Finished Season 1 of Catastrophe which I thoroughly enjoyed. Saw most of season 1 of Peaky Blinders but I felt it trailed off a bit. Will go back to it soon. Will finally get to the season finale of Jessica Jones this weekend. Might pick up Man in the High Castle after I finish the above off.
I was actually thinking a few months back that if I drove daily, I'd definitely have some kind front and rear dash cam set up. I'm surprised more people don't do this, it isn't terribly expensive and could be a HUGE saver should anything happen.
I've never performed such a maneuver. Pretty epic douche move; I might try it one day.I usually give the person 5-10 seconds to get out of the left lane, then apply the high beam flash. If that doesn't work then I'll pass on right the first chance I get and maintain the higher speed for a quarter to half mile or so to get as far from the idiot as possible.
Well, most high schoolers don't beat brand new cars (maybe that's a geo-economical thing) and it's getting old enough now where you don't see many on the road anymore... But this was early to mid 2000's.
Several friends of mine had pretty much that exact Scubie, color and all, in high school and college. Solid and reliable beaters.
New Posts  All Forums: