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Thanks man. Will check this out for sure.
My girlfriend is at the beach while I'm stuck in my office... So jealous right now.
My men's fast pitch softball team had to win out our final 3 games of the regular season to make the playoffs. We completed that last night with a crushing victory. Many domestic light beers were provided via insulated container and quaffed post game.
Saturday consisted of live music in the waning sunlight and beautiful sunset at the Rockaway Beach 98th St pavilion with buckets of beers. Ippudo West when we got back. Yesterday was a fantastic day to stroll around the city. Homemade dinner on my roof was the icing of a great weekend. Only complaint really would be that I have work today as it's gorgeous outside.
My Fire Island trip plans have been thrown out the window with a wedding I was invited to, thankfully it's up in New Hampshire and it should be gorgeous. I also will enjoy the drive, assuming I avoid traffic for the bit I'm on 95...
Rose would make for a nice story but I'm feeling like an Aussie might take it if the weather is nice.
What's the syndrome where you become more attracted to people you see more often?
The hot garbage smell is still pervasive and horrendous. Always the ABSOLUTE worst in Chinatown.
I was going to say, last night and today so far have been EXCELLENT. Supposed to continue on tomorrow. Taking a summer Friday and plan on spending it with my girl, riding bikes around, and doing a picnic.
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