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Had a new gen Rav4 as a rental last year and I thought it was boring as hell and the interior was not a place I enjoyed much... I'd much rather drive a Ford Focus.
As much as I like my Acura, I keep thinking about the Volvo S80 V8 AWD that I passed up. Very unique sound, more howl and less growl, for a V8 due to the Yamaha made 60 degree v-angle. If only they had a 6-MT option!
Looks awesome dude! Gotta get in the saddle and get acclimated...
Drove a Volvo XC60 all over Ireland (diesel model) and found it to handle nicely with plenty of room for 4 adults along with a ton of luggage. I'd look at one if I had a kid or two, or a dog.
Pitches he swung at were so far outside the zone though... I kept shaking my head that entire at bat.
Got back from a perfectly sunny and beautiful Florida trip to 47 degrees when landing in NYC. I was prepared this morning though.
Mine has 5 but they're done quite tastefully and not confusing to use at all.The Ford one looks a bit
I'm building my bike with SRAM 10 sp. Mostly Force and some Rival. I don't see the need for the $$$$ increase for the 11 sp, especially as a rare night and weekend poodler. I have really slacked off on the build... I still need to install the bottom bracket and crank, cable routing through the frame, and then the fine tuning. I actually snagged a brand new Ultegra cassette last night off a dude in my 'hood (craigslist) for $25! Should be absolutely compatible with my SRAM...
Fuck anyone that rides on sidewalks. Also anyone riding the wrong way on streets. I always look both ways now after so many close calls.
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