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I feel like the combination of the wood finish, the hardware, style, and setup of the linen closet and the cabinet over the toilet oddly reminds me of higher end country club locker rooms. That was my gut reaction. Love that soaking tub though. Interested to see the glass installed for that shower too.
Oh nice! NMWA office? I should stop by sometime to see the goods. I'm in that area (34th and 8th) quite often.
For some reason I thought you lived in the LES.My brother said he was walking back from grabbing a bagel and saw that scene moments after it happened.Some video in this article of the minutes after it happened: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/nypd-shoots-hammer-attack-suspect-article-1.2220522*edit* I love how that NY Post article has a bunch of typos where "Baril" was auto-corrected to "Basil".
Anyone here use Strava?
I just saw an article about that. Wegmans is pretty legit but too bad it's at the fuckin' navy yard. As if I'd ever hoof my ass over. Damn shame those wheels got ruined. Train with alloy unless you're riding a west side highway to central park beauty queen, which is what mine is for now haha.
Cyclists who perform dangerous shit like that should definitely be fined. As a commuter by cycling (hah) yesterday on the way home alone I was almost fucked over by a stupid pedestrian walking into the bike lane when he had the red and I had the green, he didn't even look and I couldn't see him till the last second because he jumped out from a crowd of people who were properly waiting. Thankfully I yelled as soon as I saw him, braked, and swerved out of the way. I heard...
I don't really get that. If I were a track rat, I'd have a mostly dedicated track car and then a reasonable daily driver. The only exceptions would be certain Porsche models, GTR, maybe Z06 and a few others I can't be bothered to come up with right now.
I left the office at 6, due to an appointment, but I'm still working at home now. At least I have the ball game on while I work.Welcome to one of the many reasons why NYC sucks!I like NY Pizza Suprema near MSG for a solid NYC style slice. Sauce is just a touch sweeter than I like, so I add a bit of crushed red pepper to balance.
^ lol
I think there are some typo's in that post. The "he" in the last sentence should be "she".
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