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I saw at least 3 men wearing (untreated) suede out in this muck today. Driving back from upstate last night in that snow was pretty brutal. I was happily going along at 55 until I hit Harriman. Everything slowed down to 25-40 and NJ was even worse until I got onto I-80. 2.5 hour drive ended up taking 4.5.
That's a good flavor indeed. I'm a sucker for jalapeno kettle chips.
This thread has me hankering for some kettle chips. Will buy a couple of bags to bring to poker tonight.
Yep. My best friend who's a big 'Boys fan sent me an article about it mid day yesterday. All he said was "Fuck....."
I thought that and then realized it was really out of place for the show and given what we know of Saul's history. It's a dude he just met...
I've seen a few F80 M3 and F82 M4's around already too. They sound pretty damn good.
It depends on what's important to the buyer at the end of the day. Whether they're shopping based on budget, size, performance, brand, or some combination. I too would take a similarly priced S6 over a C63. M5 doesn't really appeal to me as I think it looks bloated and uninteresting, though I'm sure my tune would change quickly after driving... Oddly, I don't believe I've seen a F10 M5 in NYC so far.
I figured that when the wallet contained all that cash, especially after Jimmy suggested they check out some place he knows and then go toward it. I really enjoyed this last episode and I like how the pace is picking up.
Whiplash was quite good, coming from a former jazz drummer. Been meaning to catch Babadook. If it were up to that and The Drop, I'd probably go with Babadook. Of course the Birdman backlash on here started after the Oscar buzz began circulating: typical.
Is that a Simpsons reference? This cold sucks. I don't even want to walk the 4 blocks to the gym in this kind of weather.
New Posts  All Forums: