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Tell us something we don't know.New Aston Martin DB11 pics dropped (new to me at least). Twin Turbo V12 pushing 600 bhp and fancy "virtual" rear spoilers to generate down force. [[SPOILER]]
Holy shit. I loved reading your history. You've owned and sold a ton of cars! I've only gone through a small handful in comparison. You really do love big old American boats dont you? I remember driving my dad's 1991 super cab F250. That thing was loooooooong.
I made burgers this weekend. No grill unfortunately, so I just cooked them on a ridged cast iron skillet with canola oil on high heat. I used some organic ground chuck, and ground up a mixture of red onion and red pepper along with a little bread and an egg to mix into the burger meat. Holy shit was it juicy and delicious while still getting a good crust and sear on the outside. Just plain Boar's Head cheddar, thick cut, on top with raw red onions and arugula all on a...
Haha, I built these speakers waaaay back in college. I soldered my own crossover and built the cabinet out of 1" MDF. Was a fun project. I've always though about building new floor standing cabinets with a really nice walnut veneer, but that's a back burner project. The speakers work great, just that after 10 years and a dozen moves are showing some wear and tear.
Neodymiums are no joke. I have some smaller cylinder ones, ~7mm wide, and 3,mm tall that I used to attach grills to my DIY speakers (inserted one into the wood, covered with wood putty, sanded, covered in veneer and then the other glued into the wooden frame of the grill) and they work incredibly well for how small they were. That one is massive in comparison and will be ridiculously powerful. Read those reviews haha.
CC or NC? I know this forum is slightly biased toward the CC but availability might be the issue.
I've been on a bit of a lancero kick of late. I picked up a box each of Avo Heritage and Eastern Standard Silk Road lanceros.@jet Where do you get your Cuban connection? Online or through dealers/networks you know?
That is a far more pleasing version of the FF.
Agreed on the thoughts about Luger's and steakhouses in general. I didn't even care for that bacon they have and their sides are garbage. I don't mind Keen's since it's convenient for me to get to and has that mutton chop which isn't something you see everywhere.
I've found that the tobacco oils seem to impart smoke mouth feel (chewiness texture so to speak) but I can't argue if they add flavor or not unless I was able to try the same blend, one a bit dried out of oils and the other with them present. I'll keep an eye out in my boxes to see if there are any that are oily vs not and try to do a comparison. Right now I just have a desktop humidor and 2 large (46 qt or so) weatherproof containers with Spanish cedar trays and some...
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