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I was just reading that it sounds like everyone wants to make it happen and things are in the works.
Can't really tell because I can't see the drivers
I just got some forged Srixon irons with Nippon NS Pro shafts. I also ordered some X100 shafts and will do some comparisons to see which I prefer. Looking to get some quality range time in tonight.
I was going to say, I see a lot of prior gen 6 and 7 series BMW that are "murdered out" or at least have the black-out tint with horrific chrome wheels.
This is pretty funny and gets better as it goes on
I love how that video ends with the dude turning around to look at the camera.
Looks like a nice car you've enjoyed for many years.As far as a replacement goes, I think the XK-R is a decent contender, but it's a BIG car. SL400 is surprisingly good looking in the flesh but I rarely see them around, could be the Northeast weather bias. Not a huge fan of the current 2 door 6 series nor E class.Why not look at a soft top 997 Carrera? It would be by far the most fun to drive of that bunch while still having room for 4... *edit* Seeing examples with...
FTFYWould not buy an Alfa
I find it hilarious that some thought you might have bought it... speaking to your taste, or lack thereof.
I tell them J and they always write Jay... those bastards.
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