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I'm building my bike with SRAM 10 sp. Mostly Force and some Rival. I don't see the need for the $$$$ increase for the 11 sp, especially as a rare night and weekend poodler. I have really slacked off on the build... I still need to install the bottom bracket and crank, cable routing through the frame, and then the fine tuning. I actually snagged a brand new Ultegra cassette last night off a dude in my 'hood (craigslist) for $25! Should be absolutely compatible with my SRAM...
Fuck anyone that rides on sidewalks. Also anyone riding the wrong way on streets. I always look both ways now after so many close calls.
Nice. That 105 Groupset should be solid for years to come.
Lovely weather during my walk to work this morning. Sun shining, light breeze, cool enough for a sweater, selvedge denim, and some boots.
It's the man himself.
I assume that person would have a suit or two that are like this:
Sun is setting and the temps are absolutely perfect out. Lovely day for me. This weekend will be warm, but nothing some shorts and a polo can't deal with.
Holy hell, that sounds and looks like a dream golf trip. Enjoy every second of it Mark! I was playing a round of golf with my friends while down in the OBX last week at the Seascape course and missed an albatross by less than 2 inches. It was surreal. Bombed a drive down the middle of the fairway of a 520 yard par 5 and then hit a 5 iron onto the green. Ball mark was 1.5 feet past the pin and it spun back just one inch in front and one inch over from the hole. Easiest...
He's on a lease and wants to continue leasing. It works out better for him, moneywise.
^ Weirdly reminds me of pB
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