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My friend put up a 55in LED on his wall and it looks almost small up there... I also think he hung it up too high.Then again his apartment is very open concept and everything else in there is huge, sectional, dining table, windows, plants, giant bookshelves on the opposite wall, etc.
I got my parents a Samsung plasma a few years back and the colors on it still wow me. I have a newer LED smart Samsung TV (no 3D) and while it's a bit sharper, you can't beat plasma for color representation and black levels. An important thing to take into consideration is how glossy/reflective the screen is, which would definitely come into play in a bright room, the light source and TV locations etc. Also kind of funny but I find that TV's look or sound big while on...
Walking the Brooklyn Heights promenade in that rain/wind/chill last night was actually quite fun and refreshing.
While abusing the new 25 mph speed limit.
Best of luck Matt. I haven't hit a ball since I was in the OBX back in early Sept... I think I'm going to take some lessons this winter season after some time off and will hopefully get rid of any bad habits I've developed.
I love how he keeps his palm open the whole time, even after the slap, as if to say "yeah, I just slapped the fuck out of you and I'm ready to do it again if you don't cut out the bullshit".
Video is blocked at work, so I watch this on an endless loop
This. So many times in my younger years when I had the poors.
Sequel wasn't quite as entertaining, still absurdly silly, but it definitely had some truly laugh out loud moments.
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