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My girlfriend's uncle (a huge BMWBJ homer) was telling me that the F10 M5 would wipe the floor with a C7 Corvette Z06 he kept it up even after I pointed out the stark power to weight ratio advantages of the Z06.... Regaled me with stories of him beating out a C4 ZR-1 with his e34 540i M-Sport on the streets of Queens back in the 90's.
I took a ride in central park Saturday morning and holy crap am I out of shape. My better of two laps took 24 minutes. I did have to slow down in a few spots because of congestion since I got out later than I wanted, at 8:30 AM. Will need to work on it!
From the preview for next week: [[SPOILER]]
Missandei is not Melisandre.
He blames the Meixcans and Chinese for our problems, why can't people blame him for issues too?
Is Pio's microaggression triggering you?
I use the cheapo Nashbar Izoard pedals and cleats, which are Look Keo compatible and really like the platform a lot. Great power transfer.
It's really easy being a black guy in the USA, said no one ever.
Students could also voice their opinion with their (own, parents, or loaned) money and go to a different school.
I've noticed that Armo's are the new "Russians" for film and TV bad guys. Will watch The Shield, one of these days...
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