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It's an ok chicken sandwich... but it's NOVEL. I rode by at 10:30 am and while it wasn't yet open (didn't seem to be) there was not a single person outside waiting.
Sounds like what's been happening in Israel for the last couple of months. Oh wait, this is the Paris Under Attack thread, better not bring other COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT events into the discussion.
A fan of this overall. However the plastic grill in the upper opening doesn't look very good.Dropping it about an inch would much improve the look as well. Being Japanese pushes most of the Alfa reliability fears out of the picture too.Any word on pricing in the US?
What about white terrorists in the US? We have had quite a few of them here in the States. No more white people, please!
Order the off-menu (at least at Hillstone) smoked salmon appetizer. It simply is to DIE for. Make sure to pair it with a white wine like CHARDONNAY. Everyone knows that fish pairs with WHITE WINE.
There's a joke about micro-penises in there that I can't be bothered to make at this moment.
I agree with this more than Harv's view.Those Entertainment covers aren't very good...
That sweet ass decal set came free of charge?! Deal of the (previous) century!
@MrG Is a Wrangler owner/enthusiast. Definitely something good to read up and get advice on. I recall that certain models are more reliable and hold value better than others, but I don't remember the details...
New Posts  All Forums: