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The second choice is more appealing to me. I like that eye in the center.
Totally forgot about that dream sequence; "I see you. You're running through the trees, you're small. The trees are like Giants." and then something about getting cut to pieces by the men shooting him.
What was the significance of dying in a forest? Alone with no help but in a truly unselfish act, pretty much unlike everything else he ever did in his life?
His car had a Hemi v8, not exactly a Prius. Allso iirc those Tahoe/Suburbans have ridiculously large fuel tanks.
Yep, the dude has strong swimmers, if not particularly strong genetics.
Colin was the brightest part of the season, bar none. Tony and Austin Chessani were great too, could have used more of them. I was pretty upset with how both the screenwriting and direction really divorced the show from any kind of reality or proper mood. The pointless shootout in a fucking forest? Getting found by some Mexicans who you screwed out of pushing product in a club? Did they really need to show Ray's ex going through old pics and paternity tests? Ani crying...
Not gonna lie, he has "Creepy Dude" face goatee or not.
Have heard good things about The Gift. I didn't realize that Joel Edgerton wrote, directed, and produced it in addition to acting.
What material is that? One of those special polished concrete mixtures?
I always had read that the head build up problem with carbon fiber wheels was that it de-laminated and warped the carbon fiber layers since it doesn't do a good job of dissipating heat and they're essentially epoxied together.
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