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My hometown course was doing work on the front 9 greens so I played the back 9 three times for the paltry cost of $18 including cart. Shot a 46, 42, then 39 on my final round. Granted the back is easier than the front on that course. I did the short Queens Flushing Meadows Pitch and Putt with my brothers last week and played fairly well with a 59 (par 54), considering I got a bit tipsy toward the end...
A real city.
I see the pass fake to Shump in the wing as well which Korver buys 100% and then is frustrated when his man in the post bails too.
I haven't touched HS since gold grinding to prep for BRS. I just don't have the time like I used to... I built a really solid gaming PC three years ago which is still going strong for every day use. The last graphically intense game I played was BF4. GTA5 looks pretty fun and my brothers have it, so I might jump on that if the steam sale brings it down.
Ahhhhhhh nevermind.
I was wondering exactly HOW good a bagel in Texas can really be... Best bagel I've had in my memory of bagels is from Fishkill, NY. Must be something about the water up there. I need to redesign (redesecrate) my living room as my roommate is moving out after 3 years and taking his eclectic taste with him. I have some items already but I need to get a new rug, coffee table, and figure out what to do with the newly painted white walls. I only have one decent piece of art to...
Is this because you don't see yourself in a healthy romantic relationship with him or because his sense of design and style does not work with yours? Oh wait, aren't they one in the same?
I've been told that I'd look good in a man bun (coined mun lol) by many a hipster and hipster-wannabe female. It's actually just long enough to tie up a little bit, but I won't be bunning. Apparently man bun monday (munday lolz) is a big thing on the Instagrams.
These would be an even easier option: http://amzn.com/B00J9XB6BQ
Not a fan of the wheels on that F80 and the blacked out badge is a super douche move. The exhaust looks aggressive without being overboard; I like it.
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