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I like this chair for the most part but I find it odd that they decided to shoot from such a low angle, exposing the ugly structural bits under the bent wood seat/back which don't match the aesthetic at all. Or, you know, could have put a little more thought and effort into making it cohesive all around.
Junoon has a Michelin star. I live right by it and still have yet to give it a try...
New Cadillac CT6 is gunning for that same segment, although slightly more of a legitimate contender to S class, A8, and 7 series than the Lincoln. It also only has a forced induction 6 cylinder for now.
The exterior is kind of bland. On the other hand I'm digging the modern retro interior.
Steven Harris' house was a lot more than $100 sq ft Pics start at 10/25 on the slideshow: http://www.wsj.com/articles/architect-homes-streamlined-yet-sophisticated-1427389096
Polishing knives is the new polishing shoes on SF. I'm now interested in the similar but different Edge Pro's and building my own stone inserts. What stones would I need to get from Congress? Also, the Tojiro is pretty awesome. A huge step up from anything I've ever used. The handle actually suits my hand pretty well though I can see how some would criticize it for being a tad blocky. Great balance across the board and wicked sharp out of the box.
Saw Hozier live which was quite a bit better than his recorded stuff.
I don't have any experience sharpening higher quality, forged knives. I used water stones to sharpen my old Victorinox Forschner Fibrox blades, figuring out the bevel angle etc, and was very pleased with my results. I assume, due to the hardness of the VG-10 steel in the Tojiro's, a normal honing steel won't be quite as effective as it is on softer blades. I'm going to see how it responds to a regular steel after a bit of use before I decide to try out a ceramic...
Waterstones don't "cut it" anymore?:roma:
I know it's not quite "high end" like a lot of the knives discussed here, but I'm waiting for delivery of a Tojiro DP 210mm Gyutou. It should provide a pretty big upgrade from the stamped beater set I have been using.
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