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Have you forgotten that we are of the Style Forum, where different shoes for different purposes are not only encouraged but a WAY OF LIFE around here?!?!
SPD? Pretty sure my shoes have the ability to hand SPD as well. Out of your size? I'm normally a 10.5 in AE lasts and the 45 fits pretty damn well. 44.5 might be ideal given that I have somewhat low foot volume, but the straps and alternate insole they ship you make it work just perfectly.
First few episodes this season were cringe inducing and then magically we were rewarded for sticking through the lean times. Things are definitely going to finish with a bang and hopefully continue the up swell into season 5.
Backcountry has a bunch of cycling shoes on the cheap. Mine were 70% off
Picked up a pair of Northwave Extreme carbon cycling shoes on STEEP discount. I went a size larger than normal due to reviews saying to size up. The fit is perfect, they're incredibly light (280g per shoe), look really well ventilated and the color scheme syncs up with my bike. Italian shoes for my Italian frame.
Never saw Punch Drunk Love?
Classic move.
GTO, Berserk, Trigun, FLCL, pretty much anything Miyazaki are my old stand bys.
Why not get something like this and then a handlebar or stem mount and appropriate App for her phone? http://www.amazon.com/60beat-Heart-Monitor-iPhone-Androids/dp/B0096DM3ES I use the CardioTrainer app to track my rides and it works with Polar bluetooth heart rate monitors. Something like this would be good to for Tri training as it can display while running and is also water resistant to...
That's a really awesome building perk. Would love to have something like that if I had a car in an apartment complex. Well I'm not a weight weenie, but I figured that $18 for a part that's light and reportedly quality is a good deal no matter how you slice it.
New Posts  All Forums: