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I guess it depends on if you lean toward the hipster vibe and lifestyle or something a little quieter and family oriented. Even though I'm not a hipster and can't stand some of them, I think I'd rather live in Willamsburg at this point.
I always hopstop those trips... Especially in case there are service changes.
The problem here is that higher education in the US is BIG BUSINESS. They want as many bodies as possible pumping money into their system. They really don't give a fuck so long as they are making that paper.
That sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy the hell out of it!
That's awful news. I had no clue. He was FANTASTIC as that character.Maybe as someone who went to a school which is pretty much everyone on that show (if far less funny in real life) and working in technology gives me far more appreciation for SV, but I REALLY enjoy it. It's funny, it's awkward going into completely CRINGE worthy at times, completely silly, yet with a lot of truths built in. Looking forward to seeing how they can expand and grow this show.
I sometimes have 6 AM and 7 AM calls with India. It pains me...
What happened to practical? Jeeeeeeez. Enjoy the hell out of that thing.
Tagut is a far more rare creature. Also much shorter in stature.Agreed.
I take the F train the most often it seems these days to get to the LES and it's always a freaking mess.
I have a set of good bookshelf speakers powered by a Digital amp and an old 8in Logitech sub which kicks hard (like those Klipsch systems). The digital Amp I use is somewhat similar to this one.
New Posts  All Forums: