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I have a several LAdC Edicion Especial and Mi Amor that I still haven't gotten to. Do you try a lot of NC's?I don't have any of those "special" Padron's as I can't imagine they're that much better than your quality $8-15 stick.
Greatly enjoyed an Oliva Master Blends 3 (Liga Maestra) last night which is in a very pleasing oval press vitola. Strong black pepper spice off the start with espresso coming in, cedar and leather in the background. Moved to cinnamon and dark chocolate with creamy natural aged tobacco providing the sweetness and then rounded out with the spice coming back into the forefront with dried plum. Full bodied cigar with a medium start moving to strong by the midway...
That's the most random thing for a car ever. Hah!
I much prefer the 2nd Suicide Squad trailer to the first. I still haven't seen Deadpool or BvS. Will probably watch Civil War. Just starting DD.S1.
Edited the excessively long beating, did you really need to masturbate to 10 straight minutes of that?
I remember lusting after the Ford GT90 when I was a kid. The upcoming GT looks pretty sweet as well. Too bad they have to make all those other incredibly successful normal cars and trucks to put a wet blanket their exciting stuff.
Feminist backlash against HAES http://www.xojane.com/issues/body-positivity-has-become-an-excuse?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social Turns out the HAES people think they're being trolled and backlash harder. Read comments for lulz.
This is what I'd do if I were in the market for almost any newish car. I'm not particularly drawn to SUV's myself but I know most people seem to be and I think the F-Pace is fairly compelling on the surface.I still search for e39 540i's and first gen Cayman's when I think about cars.
I'm digging the Jag F-Pace SUV. Too bad it will depreciate like a rock vs the Macan or Q5...
This comes up every time SG posts a project.
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