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Apparently the CLS63 AMG runs about a 4.0 second 0-60 and quarter mile in 12.4 while the XFR a 4.4 and 12.7. That's a decent bit slower off the line but the Jag hangs in there afterward and gains a tenth. All this is straight line speed, but I'd be worried about how they handle the twisties as fairly heavy cars.
I'm not aware of any major drive-train mechanical differences between the e91 wagon and other e9x models.For the record I'm not looking at the n54/n55 engines as I don't want reliability issues that come with having a FI in a "more practical car" option. Just looking at the NA 3 liter i6 versons.I knew I could count on you for the practical opinion... hah
This is mostly the direction I'd lean toward. I like wrenching on cars but I don't have the know-how to do a full tear down restoration, nor the time or dedicated garage space. Of course this is my "cars we wish to drive" day dreaming. At this point I have zero need for a 964 and would have a hard time justifying this to my girl who I'm moving in with or even to my own brain, but it's in my ~future plans~.Looking at those e91 wagons which no one seems to want to buy in the...
Ah crap. Now I'm looking at 964's and possible restoration projects cars... Bad idea. My dad's old POS has been increasingly falling apart, cat and exhaust issues, coolant inlet pipe corrosion, tie rod, etc just in the last 6 months. I offered to give him my Acura RL as I only use it for the occasional road trip since I haven't been keeping it here in Manhattan. That leaves me with either getting something fun to drive on the occasion (damn 964's) or something cheap and...
Vince Wilfork has made quite a nice career for himself in the NFL. But he's also a man, so this is irrelevant.
I've gathered that Pio's stance on overweight bodies or obesity is that it is unhealthy, period. Most of this HAES or body acceptance (when larger weight is concerned) does nothing to actually improve or help an individual's medically diagnosed obesity or weight related problems and serve only to attempt the promotion for the social acceptance of medically unhealthy bodies and habits. I mostly agree with him on that. I think it's important to not shame women and their...
What century do you live in?
Nice little selection of classics at that cars and coffee Dino! Some clean lookers in there and a the stock set ups are a stark contrast to the stance cares Thrift V posted, not to knock those cars but they aren't my thing.
It depends on the room in question, but I much prefer the leather piece. Would look good near a fireplace. They are rather bulky though.
I wouldn't be surprised if animal cruelty > women with voters these days.
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