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Dat ZHP http://newyork.craigslist.org/que/cto/5109449017.html salvage title explanation lol
What a ridiculous market. Also 10% is a huge cut to take, very ballsy and aggressive.
Depending on how the car is stored, it could have some electrical gremlins, mostly related to windows and door locks. My rear passenger side door/window are currently on the fritz but a low priority for me right now. Otherwise I really enjoy it.I'd have her test the car at night though, depending on her night time vision, some people REALLY do not like the way the low beam HID's cut off, so as to not blind cars ahead or oncoming.
Finally starting Luther. Enjoying it immensely so far.
Yep, KB1 Acura RL. Mine just ticked over 75k miles. Surprised it didn't yell at me to bring it in for some "scheduled maintenance" bullshit. However, I do need to change the oil soon.
Not boring this year! Stage 3 crash at 42 kph (26+ mph) wipes out yellow jersey leader Cancellara.
The bar I was in changed over to the freaking METS game playing out in LA and I missed the walk off; so pissed.
So my brother was presented the opportunity to buy a car off of his fiancee's grandfather, who hasn't been able to drive for some time due to a stroke, and is getting a great family discount on a ~20k mile car. His current car engine is just a ticking time bomb... The only thing is it's the same car as mine, only in a slightly darker gray... Kind of funny having two in the family now. I just had the bumpers of mine re-sprayed due to gouges and paint chipping from the...
I'm working in the meatpacking district and there are a few restaurants, namely a FISH one, that leave their bags of wet, horrible smelling trash on the sidewalks that filter down to the cobble stone streets. The drainage is piss poor and it always smells like rotting fish and piss on my way to work. Lovely. #newyorklife
The weather has been such a boon of late. Biking to work has been a pretty easy affair with minimal sweating. Just a fan needed at night. Looking forward to some warmer weather when I'm down on the boat/beach next weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: