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Sounds like
I can definitely feel where in some areas my Acura RL feels sorta subpremium, most notably in the steering feedback and general handling (let's be real, it's a wanna be lux cruiser, not a canyon carver) but a LOT of the tech and features are incredibly well thought out and done better than in most current cars coming off the lots. Pros and cons really.
I have to say that the 4C looks much better with the headlight update. I'd love to drive one about.
I love jumping onto a train just before the doors close, getting slapped by that sweet air conditioning. I hate waiting 15 minutes for a train on a platform that's probably over 100 degrees with stagnant air and pushing 99% humidity.
I like TJ's. I don't think it's pretentious at all. It's well priced food stuffs for city folk and convenient if nothing else. I don't get ALL my food items from there, but I have no problem getting cereal, chips, salsa, garlic, onions, apples, potatoes, milk, eggs, and dessert/snack items. Once and a while I'll get some frozen foods to keep in the freezer when I really get lazy. The check out line at mine always looks daunting but it moves VERY quickly. The last time it...
I'm excited that I get to drive my car a good bit over the coming month. A wedding in CT and then a trip down to the Outer Banks for a week. Drinking beers on the golf course and the beach all week sounds like just the thing
I keep a tidy workspace in about 1/4 of my living room haha. I've been pretty good about not getting grease flying about, yet. If it's nice out I can take it to my roof area. Definitely Johnny Cashin' the project though. I just can't find a good stretch of time to dedicate to it. So it's always half an hour here or there.
Acura TSX can be had with lowish miles in that price range. Solid vehicle. TL for a bit more but you lose a good bit of economy going to the V6. Koreans might be worth a look. Nothing fancy but they're probably a good bit better than your old Accord. I'd stay away from Audi's at that price point. Maintenance will be $$$$
They're "funded" by idiots giving those young men money.
Sounds like it will be a nice ride. I've been very slowly building up my bike. I have the headset and stem installed so far. Next will be the bottom bracket with crankset, then shifters, derailleurs, brakes, internal cable routing, then fine tuning.
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