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I don't think that basement troll Minecraft creator understands his patriarchal privilege. He's probably is a r/truecel-er.
I have it on good authority that Conne is now a former truecel.
Seems like "dry boxing" is becoming a popular trend for anywhere from an hour to 48 hours before smoking to bring out the best in some cigars. One week though - glad it worked out for you with that stick!
Bingo. The raises don't have to directly coincide with the firing unless you think you'll have unproductive and unhappy workers who are picking up more responsibility without the commensurate pay increase. Which may lead to turnover and even more money spent on the costs associated with on-boarding new hires. I don't think that's a particularly high risk, but I don't know your workers.
Well, December is the worst month to look for a job so there's that consideration for the people you're letting go. I'm also not aware as to how you'd be paying more to let them go sooner. The responsibilities and roles absorbed by other people happens regardless of when that change is made so it seems to be a moot point in this decision. I guess getting one out of the two holidays to enjoy without feeling the pressure is better than none. Just trying to get a sense of...
I saw a GLE coupe parked near my office the other day and thought it was a graceless monstrosity that neither looks good nor seems like it would drive well. Do not want.
Bunched panties are standard issue with all firearm transactions, pickup truck purchases, and in an emergency kit found in BMW glove boxes.
Why not do all that before the end of November?
Thank you, noted Aerospace Mechanical Failure expert Kai!
Surprised to see no thread on this - or mention in any other thread that I could tell. An EgyptAir Airbus A320 flying overnight from Paris to Cairo crashed into the eastern Mediterranean Sea early on Thursday 19 May. Flight MS804 had 66 passengers and crew on board. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-36333992
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