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He's on a lease and wants to continue leasing. It works out better for him, moneywise.
^ Weirdly reminds me of pB
I walked to Mad Sq Eats to meet my girl there for lunch and was sweating in just a t-shirt and light gauge denim with no socks and boat shoes. Thankfully the shade in the park was nice and then some wind and clouds rolled in to make things bearable.
I have Gore as my second RB. Not sure if I want to put too many eggs in the basket.
This is my first time playing Fantasy Football... good god, what have I done?!
I have something of a quandry on my hands regarding my fantasy starting QB. My QBs are Foles who is facing a rather unimpressive Jacksonville Jaguars squad and Kaepernick up against quite possibly the worst Defensive secondary in the league. Foles and the Chip Kelly Offense were formidable last year but I'm somewhat worried about teams and defenses picking up on things. Kaepernick had a very poor looking pre-season but the Cowboys D and Secondary are so porous that he...
Went to the Yankees v Sox game last night and that was brutal, at least for me. My girl is a Sox fan and was tickled by the shelling.
Fucking Welker. Why did I draft that bum?
Walking my half a mile to work at 8:30 AM with just linen pants and a dress shirt still got me sweaty.
I saw Boyhood the other night. Despite sitting next to quite possibly the MOST UNINTENTIONALLY ANNOYING movie patron ever (she literally gasped at ANYTHING that happened and repeated words and lines LOUDLY) I thought the movie was an excellent escape and remembrance of growing up. Totally worth the ticket price.
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