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Only if conne wears a pink cashmere Attolini tie at his presser to announce his intention to run.
Catch up with the last couple hundred posts to see that the redpill stupidity is still strong on CE. Keep it up boys!
Make America Great Again! We can't have the poors own property! Landed gentry and above only, please.
Yep. I wonder if he used the same box I sent it in too...In addition I gifted him a travel size Kent brush (because we all have full sized ones already, right?) which I assume he also kept since mreams99 didn't get it.
Well, he basically re-gifted what I had sent him, minus the creepy horse mask and giant 3lb pink Himalayan salt lick gag gifts.... the best parts of SFSS! I guess he wanted to keep those for himselfAt least someone gets to enjoy such a lovely scarf. I went in person to Greg at the NMWA showroom to pick it out and definitely felt the urge to keep it for myself. Ah fuck it, I'll probably just order another from him anyway.Cheers!
There's always a bias to earlier posts having more thumbs, something like that...
Like I said, my recipient got his on the 20th, 2 weeks ago...
I know my gift was delivered on the 20th, so the tardiness is all on him. I really liked the gift I got him too, should have just kept it and taken a pic to put on here, amirite?!
He's gonna get allll up in your six.
Welp my recipient should get his before Christmas. When does the shaming begin for thos who have received, but have not posted pics of said gift?
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