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So what would you call that person, Trump in this case, who has repeatedly made bigoted and "some would say" racist remarks on his campaign trail and then switches gears to perform outreach? Talk about losing potency....
Boxster/Cayman is always the answer to mid-priced sport car. Assuming you don't option the shit out of it into the stratosphere. I guess TT and SLK are in the mix too, sorta.
I never did the parking hand brake trick on hills either. Just as you say, once you have a feel for how it's done, it becomes automatic (lulz)This old 3500 dump truck I drove at a college summer job was a pain because it was super heavy, the engine was not very responsive, and other shitty drivers burnt the clutch to shit because they don't know how to do hills so they just ride the clutch like that woman in the 911.
He might be referring to the Chinamen who worked out west during Gold Rush and Trans Continental railroad building times. But overall, it's a pretty specious at best analogy considering those Chinese born workers came voluntarily and were never slaves.
I just find it weird that their first assumption is that a car in the driveway meant that the carjacker came BACK with a stolen car, rather than the simple explanation of "it's just the other family car".
So it looks like police officers generally don't know their cars, which is amazing since they usually live their lives in them and seeing/pulling over hundreds if not thousands on the roads. The homeowners had 2 cars, a Nissan Sentra (compact) that was stolen and an Altima (mid sized) that was not. They confused the Altima for the stolen Sentra and assumed the carjacker was still present. Also based on a fairly good description of the carjacker wearing a red shirt, hat,...
That is true in a larger sense, I thought he was trying to just point out their lack of gun ownership.
Did you mean "gun deprived society"? It's a bit different than what you actually wrote.
That ol T-Bird is dope. Would be an awesome classic to take to meets and shows. Love the color combo and having the top of the top stands out for sure. Nice work on saving that Caddy! Looked like it was abused quite a bit. I always get disheartened when I see how poorly people treat their main modes of transportation. My dad always told me "treat your car well and it will treat you well in return" which is why I take good car of my cars. Regular maintenance, cleaning and...
He doesn't understand a lot of things, least of all how centuries of deeply ingrained societal, cultural, and lawmaking racial imbalance can't be cured in a generation. Not saying that the lawmaking and efforts so far have been effective, but it's something that will take time, no matter what solution is put in place.Getting this thread back on track. Deaf lives matter, seriously, they do:...
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