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Armenia isn't terribly happy right now with their government. That weird hostage/armed stand off going on right now at least isn't all that violent (yet). http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/07/27/world/europe/ap-eu-armenia-attack.html?_r=0
Well, Trump was already nominated, so they can't stoop quite that low.
You will be the savior to shed light upon all such ignorant sheep. Be the shining beacon of truth, espousing the way things were once and should be again! Make SF great again, one post at a time.
His handle has the word "law" in it, so yes.
Sounds a like we really need to up our racism game when it comes to immigration!
#modelminorityAt least in the West.
I've already referred several soon to be divorced people I know to lawyers I also know. I should follow up on collecting a finder's fee.
Automatic makes me
White people can't be as dumb as the eyetalians, can they?
Occam's razor, bruh.
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