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You hang out with gome, so I am inclined to believe this statement
True, there are definitely women (or men) who would still give you a go.
Dating in NYC sucks if you're ugly, short, or have no money. (edit* also can be difficult if you have very specific tastes and/or dealbreakers) I also can get along with pretty much anyone (hah Biscotti) so dating comes very naturally to me.
I was wondering what the hell that was from... I have to say that I love dating in NYC. There's such a plethora of intelligent, successful, funny, athletic, interesting, and beautiful women.
Ran into a slight snag with my build. The rear derailleur cable stop didn't come installed (or included) with my frame! I need to get to the LBS at some point and see if they have a spare laying around. Otherwise I have to wait for Bianchi to send me one which will take god knows how long.
Sounds like you should start a "reasons why Alaska sucks" thread.
XC60 was plenty roomy enough for my 6'2 frame. The seats were comfy too. The T6 engine pulls strongly with halfway decent mileage. I'm not sure where you live but I'm seeing sub 35k mileage T6 AWD models going for ~$25k.
I only needed the single viewing, but I knew a decent bit about it before going in. I really enjoyed it throughout. That soundtrack...
The plot made sense to me :shrug:
Caught Birdman last week and REALLY enjoyed it. It had the right touches of cinematic flair, both campy and ridiculously good acting, comedy and drama, and was an experience that I thought about for a day or two afterward. It was also my first movie at the Nitehawk in Williamsburg and I really enjoyed that experience as well. Will definitely be back again. It doesn't hurt that I'm starting to see a girl who lives in that 'hood. Finally saw Blue Is The Warmest Color. Very...
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