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That's the point, pro-shops and golf manufacturers want you to lose balls and buy more!
I love hitting the yellow balls if I find good ones. I usually play recycled tour balls and it's hard to find the yellow hi-vis ones for decent prices in bulk, so I just stick to purchasing white.
Cross posted from the Cars We Drive thread.So far they've held up really well for the 2 months they've been on. Zero oxidation or issues so far! Hoping they last up to the end of the 7 year warranty period.
This has me thinking about Netflix's other original programming... There were many instances that I felt Narco's was incredibly JV.
Missed out on Football Sunday due to travelling back from Europe but my GOD did Devonta Freeman blow up for me this weekend. Every single one of my other players under-performed and he singlehandedly saved my ass.
Finished Narco's and I enjoyed it but didn't think it was great - 3.5/5 Caught the first episode of Penny Dreadful on a flight and found it intriguing enough to continue.
I think I picked a good week to be in Ireland and Spain.
I think there's an internet car guy that has a million mile 90's LS400. Then there's this too:
Harvey Birdman would have been there in a NY minute!
I bought a couple bags of the Kettle Organic chips. Some kind of BBQ and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper. Will report back.
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