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I was just thinking the same thing.Also regarding cyclists. I see my fair share of good and shitty cyclists. These days even the citibikers are running lights, salmoning (going the wrong way on one way streets), and riding sidewalks. I also see that some pedestrians are now looking both ways, respecting bike lanes, and generally being more aware of their surroundings which should be the case all the time. Cabbies still suck.
I believe it was picked up early on in this season, perhaps after the 2nd episode aired. Will watch the finale tonight.
These are all of the 2015 "Do us a flavor" contest winners. The Reuben and Gyro sound interesting but probably don't taste anything like they're supposed to...
Black Mirror, finished season 1. Pretty interesting stuff but I feel like something about each episode is REALLY off to me but I can't place my finger on it.
I had that new Lays Truffle chip flavor which was basically like a hyper aggressive sour cream and onion. Wasn't terrible but it was also a bit too much...
He threw 24 pitches yesterday that were triple digits. He's by far and away their 2015 ace.
I've been on a kick with these: Also still liking the Fairway brand Jalapeno Cheddar kettle chips which are 2 for $4.
The second choice is more appealing to me. I like that eye in the center.
Totally forgot about that dream sequence; "I see you. You're running through the trees, you're small. The trees are like Giants." and then something about getting cut to pieces by the men shooting him.
What was the significance of dying in a forest? Alone with no help but in a truly unselfish act, pretty much unlike everything else he ever did in his life?
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