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Steven Harris' house was a lot more than $100 sq ft Pics start at 10/25 on the slideshow: http://www.wsj.com/articles/architect-homes-streamlined-yet-sophisticated-1427389096
Polishing knives is the new polishing shoes on SF. I'm now interested in the similar but different Edge Pro's and building my own stone inserts. What stones would I need to get from Congress? Also, the Tojiro is pretty awesome. A huge step up from anything I've ever used. The handle actually suits my hand pretty well though I can see how some would criticize it for being a tad blocky. Great balance across the board and wicked sharp out of the box.
Saw Hozier live which was quite a bit better than his recorded stuff.
I don't have any experience sharpening higher quality, forged knives. I used water stones to sharpen my old Victorinox Forschner Fibrox blades, figuring out the bevel angle etc, and was very pleased with my results. I assume, due to the hardness of the VG-10 steel in the Tojiro's, a normal honing steel won't be quite as effective as it is on softer blades. I'm going to see how it responds to a regular steel after a bit of use before I decide to try out a ceramic...
Waterstones don't "cut it" anymore?:roma:
I know it's not quite "high end" like a lot of the knives discussed here, but I'm waiting for delivery of a Tojiro DP 210mm Gyutou. It should provide a pretty big upgrade from the stamped beater set I have been using.
My grandfather used to fish regularly at the Twin Lakes, a bit northeast of Yosemite. My dad and I visited the lakes a few years back and the scenery is absolutely incredible; nestled between 3 peaks. I can't attest to the fishing though.
I wonder if that register in the ceiling above the stove is an exhaust. If it is then everything is pretty easy starting with the BTU rating of the range, figuring out the dimensions of the hood (based on your range dimensions) to ensure proper coverage, etc.
Automatic tranny makes me sad face.
Watched a bunch of movies recently. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - my girlfriend's family loves this movie and of course it came on HBO this weekend. It was fun seeing how immigrant families come across to "white people", but I have that experience already. Also the love interest is the worst actor ever. Nightcrawler - It was an intense ride but not quite as good as I was hoping for. I think a lot of my "film" friends really hyped this one up to me. Gyllenhal was pretty...
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