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He was also getting shit on the Armenian Genocide stuff too. Tons of pressure from a lot of angles.
"Safety" for whom?
The opening on that stick is pretty one dimensional with pepper, earth, and meat charred over hickory, but it expands the flavor profile, creaminess comes in, a couple of transitions later and you have a pretty damn good smoke that lasts a long time since it's so packed to the gills. My belicoso took 1 hour 45 min. Really just for someone who prefers darker flavors.
Ata gonna Ata.
As a former 240 owner, good luck finding one in the northeast that isn't a huge rust bucket. Otherwise they are an amazing platform to do pretty much anything to. In stock form they'll be a dog in a drag race but are so fun in the twisties. I'm partial to the s13 from 91 to 93. Interiors will likely have cracked dash from UV damage too. Excellent 5 speed manual to learn on. Make sure it has or you get some decent tires with some life on them too.
I find myself wanting the ringer articles to not suck as much as they have. I think the problem is the type of people they retained from the Grantland staff, who were more of the pop culture and social aspect of sports and media types rather than the true analytic and hardcore sports writers. This plays in well to the HBO tie-in but it's not what everyone wants. The articles are too shallow and short. I want to read more substance and out of no where the article is...
How did you enjoy that? I have a few that have been in my humidor for half a year now.Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I only had a La Imperiosa by the Crowned Heads (based off the LE Las Calaveras, I have a box of the 2016 on the way) which was great while smoking with my gf's dad who smoked a Arturo Fuente Don Carlos I gifted him along with a dozen other cigars.
Track day bro!
He's pro Stanford, athlete, white privilege, cis-gendered, hetero-normative rapist, obviously! It'll be the cornerstone to his next campaign platform.As far as the judge's comments"A spokesman for Santa Clara superior court said the judge was barred from commenting on this case while there is an appeal pending. After sentencing, Turner’s attorneys notified court that they intend to appeal the conviction."Though that makes me think it's more about commenting on the case in...
So, just to get this straight, an assault weapon is a rifle which has either full auto or burst mode fire selection. However the previous ban lumped in any rifles which meet the criteria of a detachable box magazine plus any two of the features as: - Folding or telescoping stock - Pistol grip - Bayonet lug - Flash suppressor Any rifles which exceed the aforementioned restrictions seem to be thrown into the assualt weapon category, despite not actually being an "assault...
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