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are you looking for:http://www.amblardleatheratelier.com/
thought I would ask here as well. Does anyone know what boots these are? Pic is from the outlier webpage
Anybody know what boots these are? I saw these on the Outlier webpage. thanks
So would it be possible to get the Daytona in comp weight with sf moto specs? I like the daytona but looking at the measurements on the vanson page the S shoulders are too large and XS chest is too small.
Is this design final? I prefer the larger kidney panel on the Daytona.
Can Aero or Vanson take a slim fit jacket like Aero's Cafe Racer or Vanson's Daytona and add pockets for armor?
Definitely would consider the Japanese florals. I have seen the Vanson bright red liner. Are there any other darker shades of solid red available?
Cool! Is there anywhere to see the color offerings that Vanson has for linings? Also, do they offer different materials?
No so hot on paisley. Japanese print looks cool. Would it be possible just to order with a solid color lining? Something like a dark crimson red?
So I am looking for cafe style perforated leather jackets with armor but in a slim modern cut. I see the daytona is toted as a slim cut, is it possible to order it with armor, thicker leather and perforated? Would the armor make the cut of the jacket look off? Any suggestions?
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