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seing i watched 1 and 2 when i was a kid, (i've grown up slightly but not much) i cant wait to see it. i also played Toy story 2 on Playstation which was great, so i ran out and got No. 3 when it was released on the 17th, its better than 2 by a mile, super super good stuff!
thisis epic, do lik every much.
100% polyester?
^^ i'd love to see that thread when its strated up
i'm looking for a mid to heavy weight 2ply white cloth with an interesting weave e.g. herringbone or somthing (just not plain) any one have any sugestions?
please dont tell me theres a MT sale, i dont need to buy any more shirts for the sake of my bank account!.... ah who am i kidding, i can allways go another shirt
wow!, just wow. DW you sure make some amazing footwear. wear them in good health
hevens you have come a long way from your original shoes, these are amazing, very very very good!
yeah fox, i wish there was more australian intrest, is there anyone else in oz that would be interested to commision a chan?
no, Chan dosnt go to austalia at all. i asked, they only go to places where there client base is large enough to justify the trip
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