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new addition, comming soon to a mail box near me :-D
i spent 1/2 an hour watching the ep, in the end i'm still not sure anything actualy happened...
^^^ Lei's jacket fit is epic, thats what pushed me to get a TAT
pants look good from the photos, i'm not so sure about the jacket, makes your chest look very large, but then again, the photos are not really the best for making judgments, so i'd ignore my negitive comments. i do like the fabric very much tho
It was released in australia today, i saw the second screening. i grew up with 1 and 2, the story is very much aimed at the original audience. It was amazing to say the least, pixar and co. did an incredible job. A very good way to cap off the franchise. the trash scene was amazing. very much darker than the others. 11/10 is an understatment, it truly was awesome Chuckels was so funny when you first see him
wonderful shoes! just fantastic! cant wait for mine to be finished!!!
seing i watched 1 and 2 when i was a kid, (i've grown up slightly but not much) i cant wait to see it. i also played Toy story 2 on Playstation which was great, so i ran out and got No. 3 when it was released on the 17th, its better than 2 by a mile, super super good stuff!
thisis epic, do lik every much.
100% polyester?
^^ i'd love to see that thread when its strated up
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