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interesting it made it passed QC tho, it clearly stands out like.. well.. you know
its not great (may be done to allow for streaching of the leather) i dont thing it will structuraly effect the shoe. They are after all, hand made, imperfections such as that show this fact. I understand you have spent a good deal of money on them but i would not put too much thought into it. Wear them in good health. Regards
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe You might mean a "╦ťbonwelt', which is a glued-in strip (leather, leatherboard or even plastic), which gives the look of a welted construction, but is simply decorative. haha that is rather disturbing,
my mum has apair of baxter boots (lower grade non whole cuts) that have a welt, but there in no stitching between the welt and the outer sole, the outer sole is glued to the welt. it was re glued a while ago because it failed (the toe part of the outer sole detached from the welt) i assume this is what is ment by bondwelt
yes a locksmith can make a key for it, they will be able to pick it to guage the height of the pins then make a key.
i have two (pants) of the tweeds in grey and navy, there not heavy at all, the navy would make an awesome SC for sure!
nice drape, i'd say its fully canvassed too
mad fit ^^ whats the shoes?
I was happy with my shirt FWIW. I'll keep ordering from them.
No shit, the S1 with walter rohrl driving it sure accelerated during the 80's. Awesome car buddy, enjoy!
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