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My horse hide belt rocks! For messenger bags, i personaly think simple looks the best, but thats my opinion and taste, just search around and see what you like, try briggs, saddle back and other leather bag producers to get some ideas/inspiration and send the pics to Scott and see what he says.
gshen always has good taste, i wish you luck with your bespoke japanese venture, the one in your hand looks very nice indeed!
its not real warm in Vic right now, like scarface said, dress warm. check out a footy match if you can get to one too
bump. Pic updates please wrath
So my belt hadn't arrived two weeks after posting. I emailed scot who said he had accidently put clear tape over the posting barcode and it was returned to him, he's already reposted it and included a horsehide cardcase as well. Seriously, this guy is a champ, customer service is outstanding.
so the two months for Lasts + the 14 weeks of shoemaking is finaly up, watch this space, pics ariving soon hopefuly
when cooked right, kangroo is amazing.
Construction wise, vass are better simpily because they are hand welted. Although i'm not 100% i would imagine AS handgrade line are gemmed, no matter how you look at it, that shoe is held together by a strip of canvas glued to the insole. mind you, there are some gemmed shoes that have lasted quite a while. Best to choose what fits you foot, budget and also appeals to you the best. Regards
Very nice! man your getting good at this~
nice looking fitters, deff love the boot (chukka?) Edit: the fit around the ankle and heel look really good too
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