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Hey, i use RM Williams saddle dressing and the leather conditioner, not very expensive, both very good and its supporting an australian company. unfortunatily i can only find kiwi in the local area for polish. cheers,
Hey Jason, i'll be making an order in the next fortnight : ) Two things. 1st: You said you were thinking of geting more super 140s herringbone charcoal? 2nd: I know it was talked about (and here in australia its the middle of summer) but is there any further developments in a peacoat/overcoat? Cheers, James
i only read the first post of this thread so sorry about going off on a tangent. i love ice hockey, its the best game on earth (just below cricket) sadily there are no ice rinks where i'm from , so i play floor ball, a pittiful excuse for ice hocky which consists of no ice, no saftey gear, indoor shoes, and a ball. + last time there was a fight, the entire team got a life ban from the facility. sad. for now i'm content watching ice hockey on tv and waiting for my...
So is there a profession where it's accepted to dress like a gentleman or are all senior staff a result of moronic hippy culture that created casual Fridays and destroyed a well dressed society? Clearly lawyers and doctors are out. Makes me want to go to England and become a tailor so I can wear a 3 piece and a pocket square every day.
give misterjase a PM here http://www.styleforum.net/member.php?u=12572 he's had a few made from adriano. otherwise ring adirano on (03) 9600 2422
for $1000-$1500 Adriano Carbone does a MTM. upon all acounts he gets good reviews here at SF any questions just email him (just search Adriano Carbone in google) his wife usualy replies. if not, PM misterjase as he has had some work done by adriano.
I was passing through other threads about ties when it reminded me of something that really pisses me off. I bought a Rhodes & Beckett tie a while back. I've worn it about 3-4 times and now it looks like a small ghillie suit wrapped around my neck. my fingernails/skin on the tips of my fingers catches on every individual thread of silk when i make the knot. I’ve filed nails, used hand and nail cream (very gay) My hands felt like vicuna but they still caught in...
whopse, posted twice.
i usualy ware either my light blue converses (Hi top's) or my Onitsuka Tigers (white mexico 66's) both have a bit of ware and it adds to the effect. when i go out, i wear the Tigers because they are leather and a little more proper than the converses. however, dark blue jeans look really good with something like a brown/light tan RM williams boot (if the jeans are a boot cut i assume) my 2 cents anyway. btw i'm i'm not even 20 yet. so feel free to dispell all that i...
Your shoes are stunning, sadily, I live in Australia, the 'other side of the world' is a long way to go for me. just for a bit of networking through styleforum, Does anyone know of bespoke shoemakers in Melbourne Australia? By the way, wearing bespoke shoes that cost that much, although beautiful as they certianly are, i think i would be paraniod that i would scratch the shoe in some way. Marcel, just quickly, i'm sick of buying shoes and after 3 wares the...
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