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$250 i believe spring lines are about 220 pounds so there very good value in that respect. 14 Pelmet Crs, Thomastown VIC 3074
no i'm sorry the last is with cliff, i'm sure my pictures dont do them justice, i thought so from the pics i got too, but on my feet they arnt blobby at all, the toe shape is great. mind you, i could allways ask for bruce to make me a new last with the macquary toe to make them more 'JL8000ish/F last-ish'. if i wanted, to be honest , i dont think i will, i'm very happy with them, that way they wont stand out to much, i didnt want a fashon shoe anyway.
haha , at least if i die, i'll be happy :P
[I said I’d do a review for anyone who can be bothered reading with the process I went through, if not the pics are at the bottom] Okay Dokey, review time. So my shoe history started when I was 18 and for my 18th I asked for a pair of RM.Williams. The Shoe pron thread on SF wooed as did the RMW thread and I wound up with a pair of Black Veal Craftsman’s. They are amazing and I do like them very much. However they are boots, and I needed a pair of 'shoes' to add to...
no still waiting, post from the UK to AUS generaly takes about 10 working days or so. any day now. i'll do a full review on the whole process when they arive.
no i didnt make them :P, check out 'shoefan' tho, he makes some pretty kick ass shoes himself, self tought too.. No these were made By Cliff Roberts, a shoemaker in the Northampton area.
Cant speek on fit yet sorry, Cliff posted them yesterday so it'll be about 10 days or so to australia. i'll give a full write up and fit pics when they arive, no trees yet either, there still being made.
Just waiting for them to show up in the mail box
Thankyou very much, I asked for chestnut, i look foward to seeing how your Cliff adventure works out too!
Pics in! As it was my first order i got some pretty basic captoes paterns, (yes they are Philipp II's) i must say that i'm very happy with the results so far. (any comments about shape, it was a bespoke last and nothing to do with cliff in that regard. Lasts: Bruce Miller. Shoes: Cliff Roberts. the shape kind of remind me of these lobbs (about 1/2 way down the page) http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...p-Observations
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