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Sorry to drag the topic back to the suits in bars article, from someone that likes/prefers seeing people in suits personally, I hate people wearing them in busy nightclubs and bars, inherently these people are a bunch of duchebags that think their Barny Stinson and are somehow surprised when someone inevitably spills a drink on their $200 suit. Yeah it’s a bit of shameless self promotion by the bars/nightclubs but its really 'from my experience' saving these idiots from...
I don’t mind wiki leaks, from many soldiers’ accounts, soldiers act and behave differently when their group (battalion ect.) have a journalist present, so maybe wiki leaks will help just a little in changing soldiers mentality and protect some innocent civilians. (i'm taking a bit of this from Jon Michael Turner's 'winter soldier testomony') What concerns me the most is that from what I can gather, wikileaks.org was on Australia’s proposed ‘internet censorships...
i've used modern tailor for a shirt and it was a great result. Thick as thieves has been fantastic for suits/pants for me also.
Hussy edit: Hadden too
i had my pocket watch rebuilt at the antiqurium (spelled somthing like that), oppisite adriano carbone in the block arcade. its solid silver, 1880's but not worth all that much.
^^^ they look wonderful very nice stuff, pointier chistle toe sounds like a good idea, that would have need the improvment i would have sugested. i am going to have a new last made over christmas. my original was round (classic english think 202) so i'm after a little more pointier chistle toe next too.
They do, do up all the way (so there no 'V') Infact I have them on now, no V, just two straight lines. I'm very happy with the fit. I also have a low? Instep, I have shallow feet, that was one thing that was to be fixed with the last from Bruce because my previous boots needed a few insoles to bring my foot flush with the upper. I hadn’t done them up properly for the photo because i had just got them and was more concerned with getting them on my feet (I’d been waiting 5...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Many thanks for the report and congrats on some very nice looking shoes! Question though on this pic: I am no expert, but on a 'bespoke' shoe, should the laces be 'even spaced' like in this pic (maybe they are, but can't really tell from the pic above): um i'm not sure what you mean, both those pics are of the same shoe. do you mean the instep that makes a V where the laces pull it together?
Chukka boot i think, or maybe a black oxford shoe god forbid :P, may be a while before my next order tho, i'm purchaceing a money pit over the summer in the form of an E30, 3 series... i had the shoes on again today, i know in the pics the toe looks blobby, but on my feet let me assure you ther are sleek as. makes me think that those lasts that look sleek in pics are rediculiously pointed in reality.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl ten times what my lastmaker asks... shoes a friend has ordered at Petkov/Vienna will be ready at the end of september. i hope, he'll allow me to do a review. your last maker charges $25 australian dollars? , he must not eat...
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