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HAHA i read the article on SF and the whole time it made me think of chris harris, hes talking style is very similar to his writing style, i like chris, mostly ive seen his you tube auto car bits. hes pretty honest, hes actualy a good driver and knows his stuff. have a look at top gear tho. all the car companies test the car and set it up for the track before they set the stig out. ferrari even used their own test driver for at leats ond of their cars that i know of.
Quote: Originally Posted by neyus In other news.... I saw RM Williams have released a captoe adelaide shoe. Its on page 4 of their latest catalogue. You can view it online. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/...63#/310c7263/6 Looks good! shame i found my shoemaker
Private school boots? i dont get...
theres a great RM.Williams thread started by SATOR, you can fine tones and tones of info there, likeonline retailers, i think yearking craftsmans are about $250-270 online
OP i wouldnt bother watching out for clarke, back injury, out of form, yeah he got a 50 a few matches back when they booed him onto the field but although he is a very good cricketer, hes nothing to watch out for atm. D Huss and Watson are who i will be watching. although we flogged England in our one day series a few weeks ago, my money still wouldnt be on australia this time.
i had an intrest for good colthes and what made them good, English Cut furthered my undersnatnding and from there i found styleforum after searching 'bespoke' i guess. unfortunatily the intrest grew into an expensive shoe intrest too :S adrian has done some alterations for me in the past on an overcoat, the results were fantastic, $90 for re doing the back and sides, which i dont feel is to bad at all.
Hey guys, I got a pair of veal craftsman's about a 2 years ago and there treating me fantastically, My mum's birthday is coming up soonish and i got her to go through the RM catalogue and work out what she wants. she likes the 'wimmera' but with a block heel (a smaller version of the cuban i believe) screw sole and in black yearling. my question is, which last is the wimmera on? I haven't been able to find it and nungar, whom i have a very good experience with last...
This is my trusty manbag/messenger bag. apologies for the bilboard size pics.
A. Delos. his pics are
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