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Quote: Originally Posted by neyus In other news.... I saw RM Williams have released a captoe adelaide shoe. Its on page 4 of their latest catalogue. You can view it online. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/...63#/310c7263/6 Looks good! shame i found my shoemaker
Private school boots? i dont get...
theres a great RM.Williams thread started by SATOR, you can fine tones and tones of info there, likeonline retailers, i think yearking craftsmans are about $250-270 online
OP i wouldnt bother watching out for clarke, back injury, out of form, yeah he got a 50 a few matches back when they booed him onto the field but although he is a very good cricketer, hes nothing to watch out for atm. D Huss and Watson are who i will be watching. although we flogged England in our one day series a few weeks ago, my money still wouldnt be on australia this time.
i had an intrest for good colthes and what made them good, English Cut furthered my undersnatnding and from there i found styleforum after searching 'bespoke' i guess. unfortunatily the intrest grew into an expensive shoe intrest too :S adrian has done some alterations for me in the past on an overcoat, the results were fantastic, $90 for re doing the back and sides, which i dont feel is to bad at all.
Hey guys, I got a pair of veal craftsman's about a 2 years ago and there treating me fantastically, My mum's birthday is coming up soonish and i got her to go through the RM catalogue and work out what she wants. she likes the 'wimmera' but with a block heel (a smaller version of the cuban i believe) screw sole and in black yearling. my question is, which last is the wimmera on? I haven't been able to find it and nungar, whom i have a very good experience with last...
This is my trusty manbag/messenger bag. apologies for the bilboard size pics.
A. Delos. his pics are
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Because we are in Australia and WWC Is in HK i wish they would do trip here...
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