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i'm in! keep us posted on prices
i'll join a group buy if someone sets it up, (i'm lazy) i'd grab a few jars.
hope you guys had a great one for the catch up, sorry i missed it, i'll catch the next one i promise!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Have any of our Australian SFers ordered a Thickasthieves suit? Any feedback? yep, all great, jas is a champ. theres others from oz too, i know my tailor said he'd seen a few.
Alrighty, so I got another pair of boots in the mail today, little bit of a muck up but it gives me the opportunity to do a bit of a comparison/review of certain aspects of the RMW boot. Firstly lasts. My pair is an 8G craftsman last (B543 from memory), in black veal/calf. there now about a year old. and going along fantastically. the pair i just got is a 4 1/2F Macquarie last b555, in black yearling. no my feet haven't shrunk, they're intended as a present for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Ernesto Also saw some chinos in the window of Country Road yesterday. Were a really nice brown/khaki colour. i just bought a pair in grey/charcoal
Quote: Originally Posted by DerAngriff Country Road tailor fit formal shirts at $80. They look OK to me. Are they considered decent quality? dont know about 'tailor fit' line, but i get most of my casual clothes from country road, i'd put them in a better quality level than say RalphL normal line. i have a few silm fit shirts, some pants and chinos, all great stuff, generaly i dont even need to try their stuff on, i know it will fit me as...
i enjoyed both italian jobs. shrek is a beaten and bloody cash cow.
HAHA i read the article on SF and the whole time it made me think of chris harris, hes talking style is very similar to his writing style, i like chris, mostly ive seen his you tube auto car bits. hes pretty honest, hes actualy a good driver and knows his stuff. have a look at top gear tho. all the car companies test the car and set it up for the track before they set the stig out. ferrari even used their own test driver for at leats ond of their cars that i know of.
Quote: Originally Posted by neyus In other news.... I saw RM Williams have released a captoe adelaide shoe. Its on page 4 of their latest catalogue. You can view it online. Looks good! shame i found my shoemaker
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