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thanks for all that , if its not ment to be its not ment to be, not to worry. cheers again.
another vote for KOTOR 2, but KOTOR 1 was a hard act to follow
i'm in! keep us posted on prices
i'll join a group buy if someone sets it up, (i'm lazy) i'd grab a few jars.
hope you guys had a great one for the catch up, sorry i missed it, i'll catch the next one i promise!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Have any of our Australian SFers ordered a Thickasthieves suit? Any feedback? yep, all great, jas is a champ. theres others from oz too, i know my tailor said he'd seen a few.
Alrighty, so I got another pair of boots in the mail today, little bit of a muck up but it gives me the opportunity to do a bit of a comparison/review of certain aspects of the RMW boot. Firstly lasts. My pair is an 8G craftsman last (B543 from memory), in black veal/calf. there now about a year old. and going along fantastically. the pair i just got is a 4 1/2F Macquarie last b555, in black yearling. no my feet haven't shrunk, they're intended as a present for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Ernesto Also saw some chinos in the window of Country Road yesterday. Were a really nice brown/khaki colour. i just bought a pair in grey/charcoal
Quote: Originally Posted by DerAngriff Country Road tailor fit formal shirts at $80. They look OK to me. Are they considered decent quality? dont know about 'tailor fit' line, but i get most of my casual clothes from country road, i'd put them in a better quality level than say RalphL normal line. i have a few silm fit shirts, some pants and chinos, all great stuff, generaly i dont even need to try their stuff on, i know it will fit me as...
i enjoyed both italian jobs. shrek is a beaten and bloody cash cow.
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