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received my shirt today, another great one, thanks guys
De Buyer pans.
anyone heard from steve at nungar lately??
So P Johnsons becoming the 'Australian Members' approved tailor. The stuff looks good i must say, maybe i'll have to give them a try.
i figgured i'd ask here first. I had a shirt made a year ago. fits great. i then went and changed my profile dimensions to tweak some things, but to be honest, i'm pertty happy with the original. Would Modern Tailor have the original measurments on file from my previous order do you think? cheers guys.
for the belt, if you dont need it today and can wait a few weeks, try 'unlucky' if you intrerested pm me, i'll send you hes info, he makes custom leather goods, he made me an awesome messenger bag, and i had him make me a belt too which is fantastic.
Perfect Marcell.
Quote: Originally Posted by elvish +1 looking on carbone's website - his suits don't look too flash. Though i haven’t heard of Johnson before, Adrian has done some excellent work for me, can’t fault him. Some of his stuff looks maybe a little big or frumpy, but its only because that’s what the individual client has wanted. if you want sleek, he can do sleek. From what I understood when talking to him, the difference between mtm, tailor...
Country Road Johnny Walker
the gen 5 legacy/liberty looked awesome, i hate the new one, looks like the impreza has gone the same way style wise.
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