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De Buyer pans.
anyone heard from steve at nungar lately??
So P Johnsons becoming the 'Australian Members' approved tailor. The stuff looks good i must say, maybe i'll have to give them a try.
for the belt, if you dont need it today and can wait a few weeks, try 'unlucky' if you intrerested pm me, i'll send you hes info, he makes custom leather goods, he made me an awesome messenger bag, and i had him make me a belt too which is fantastic.
Perfect Marcell.
Quote: Originally Posted by elvish +1 looking on carbone's website - his suits don't look too flash. Though i haven’t heard of Johnson before, Adrian has done some excellent work for me, can’t fault him. Some of his stuff looks maybe a little big or frumpy, but its only because that’s what the individual client has wanted. if you want sleek, he can do sleek. From what I understood when talking to him, the difference between mtm, tailor...
Country Road Johnny Walker
the gen 5 legacy/liberty looked awesome, i hate the new one, looks like the impreza has gone the same way style wise.
thanks for all that , if its not ment to be its not ment to be, not to worry. cheers again.
another vote for KOTOR 2, but KOTOR 1 was a hard act to follow
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