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Honestly, as an associate in a large law firm, I would never ever rely on you, a college intern (which is below a paralegal in my mind) to do any substantive legal research. If I were working with you, I might have you organize documents into a binder and put tabs on them, or perhaps search news sites for certain stories related to my matter at best. But I bet you'll mostly just be making copies or getting coffee, etc.As far as "preparing" for law school, first thing I'd...
Definitely not law. Speaking as someone who even got a BIGLAW job (rare enough)
is there any material to let out of the waist on #3?
Look up the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook
Outside of Nashville, which leans slightly left, TN is DEEP SOUTH, both in physical appearance and cultural attitudes
unfortunately, when you live in the podunks, sometimes JAB is the best you can get on a student's budget when Men's Warehouse is the alternative...
priced to move!
price drop again..need to get rid of these
price drop
100% cotton
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