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Hautelook is in no way authorized to sell Rolex. These are grey market.
Quote: Originally Posted by yellman it looks like this sale is the leftover from their private sales, except prices are 20% more. 75% of it was brand new to the site.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Just a word of note: Isaia is often marked at retail as one size smaller in US than the EU label would imply (e.g. EU52 is often marked as US 40), perhaps to conform to American misconceptions of fit. I'd certainly be willing to plunk down "more than $500" on an Isaia suit, but with a no-return policy, I'd want to be damned sure of the sizing. If you can list by EU size, it would clear up a lot of confusion and put me...
Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes Off course TB is expecting that someone buy it. If he can sold that kilt suit that causes so much in the WAYWRN thread, he can sold anything. It's only matter of time (BTW, when is the next TB@gilt?) A few weeks away!
Pricing TBD..more than $500 per suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer You know, I am wondering the same thing--I remember the RLBL sale had RLBL suits for 385... and those are regularly $2000... I am praying for some Isaia Napoli suits [in standard colors] for 500 or so... but we shall see I guess. I kind of have a feeling the sale could have a lot of Gianluca Isaia or primarily just have shirts and ties. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up anyways. Everything is...
Glad you all enjoyed the sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr I was just wonderin with the upcoming GILT Gant sale... might have some decent s/s shirts avail... guess I will have to make my way to Barneys before Monday to try some on Yes go try on and buy from us--lots of good stuff in the sale!
I never seem to be able to buy anything on that site either.
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL Put more simply, are these shoes in UK or US sizing? And are these the real deal, made in England Ed Green RLPL, or merely the silver-scripted made in Italy variety? Each shoe will have the country of origin listed on the sale page.
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