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3-button blazers look interesting. Velvet corduroy in brown and tan for $80. Wool in navy, charcoal and tweedish gray for $130. I wonder how slim they fit. I also like the colored 5 pocket cords for $40.
sexy shtuff, hella prices with the exchange rate
^^^ are the second ones plain beeswax? look to have a red tint, looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff HM is near my home but i never check out the place. I always envision their stuff as papery, cut bad, tawdry pieces. Am i wrong? Should i make an effort to go check out their store? Im sorry, but ive gotten so elitist in fashion taste anything less than premium cuts, decadent fabrics and anything made in other than usa,england, japan, france, or some italy... I m not interested. the stuff is extremely...
they need to make $20 slim fit oxfords the sweaters are def. a good deal. the wool trousers should be skinnier.
found one. can the mods delete this?
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I'm goign to go ahead and say that they are probably impossible to find now, except for ebay. As for the name, I believe someone answered them. Read the first few pages, the answer might be there. i don't think it ever was answered. get smart said how cool the texture is, some people commented on them, but nobody answered what the name was. I just want the name to know what to search for! I emailed paul smith,...
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc what style paul smiths are these? reminds me of carpe diems. i actually really like this pair, wish i had the $$ to drop. again,need an answer here-- what is the name of these and are they possible to find? need them in size 10 anyone know the name? c'mon
H&M has some cool velvet and corduroy blazers I probably wouldn't wear a blazer with a non-raw jean, just seems like the typical college kid who wants to dress nice and wears a crappy, cheap black suit jacket with ugly faded boot-cut mall jeans. Proceed at your own risk.
only need white now! xsmall or small
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