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Buy it.
Quote: Originally Posted by aketo did you size up? No, but I have very slim thighs. Like get smart said, if you have any bulk or muscle in your legs, size up.
navy sta-press size 30. i'm 5'9 130. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y29...g?t=1232350002 http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y29...g?t=1232350002
^That shirt is so cool.
wmmk: Try urban outfitters' plain oxfords. They are probably the best thing uo offers; the small is a good fit. Fits quite slim through the body and the sleeves would be a good length for someone 6'0(that's your height, correct?) I picked my light blue one up for $20. The sleeves aren't slim enough, but slimmer than most shirts. The quality is perfectly fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser Fit pics on the sta-prest anyone? if you're on the fence, get them. they have a great tapered, slim cut. get them in every color.
listen to chrono. just slowly save for things that you really love, and eventually you will have a great collection of items that fit your true tastes and personality. also, it really isn't that hard to find something on sale. you can find almost any item you want at 50% off if you search and have patience. it's all about finding what you really want, and having patience.
will prob buy the velvet shawl collar suit
what are some cheap alternatives to this tie? I love it so much, but i could not justify spending all that money on it, even 50% off. So what are some similar looking, skinny paisley ties for cheap?
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