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Jason, You are able to make a suit/separate out of provided fabric, correct? For example you could make a sportcoat out of seersucker cloth. How much would it cost?
^^^ i think they're 'chen'... they are freaking great btw.
fwiw, i disagree with these guys. i think the classic seersucker looks really good. it's a standard ivy/trad piece, and i am a big fan of the aesthetic.
i will be a customer when the 14.5 is ready...
pinkpanster, you are awesome. how much did you get that jacket for? i want that in bb0
^needs full shot imo and brands might give you a better idea on the fit? i guess you will find out soon.
seersucker shorts short sleeve shirts boat shoes tat tweed jacket for next f/w other stuphz
the rrl's aren't as slim as BoO... good price though. dig the blue/white striped one with the patch pocket. if the body and sleeves were slimmer i'd buy them.
How close to black are the ndc's? Are they a charcoal or medium grey or? Hard to tell from the pics... they look pure black despite being called couch wash grey.
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