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Besides the glasses and hair, what do you think is wrong with it? Pretty cool looking wool coat, plain blue oxford, skinny repp tie, and slim khaki's. Maybe boring, but unappealing?
^^ tweed tat jacket for $350>tweed boo jacket for $1500. luckily jason's preferences are similar to boo's with the short length, slim lapel's, etc.
get smart, think i can replicate some of the suits and sportcoats with thick as thieves? lol. but seriously though, that is my plan.
any light blue oxfords in xs?
lol, sorry it is just funny to see this posted six times. carry on.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Lysol Actually, the fit on this entire jacket is PERFECT and if it had patch pocket and two buttons, would order two right now brah, you can order that jacket with those options.
no. i can't imagine how boring it'd be to wear the same sweater and shirt every day. get a pair of slim khaki's, slim wool trousers, 5+ different colored/striped ocbd's, a few sweaters/sweatshirts, bass weejuns, boat shoes for summer and maybe a couple thrifted sportcoats if you can find any small enough. you could obtain that with a fairly small sum of money and you wouldn't have to wear the same thing twice in one week.
doubt you know but are there any BoO ties or Paul Smith socks?
get a charcoal flannel or grey herringbone and don't go conservative from the house cut
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