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k cool
Quote: Originally Posted by flytothesky when do you guys think it is the best time to buy J.Crew items? I know in this recession they are bound to have some good sales but do you think 30% off is enough? or should i wait until they start clearing out stuff for even more reduced prices? whenever they have 30% additional off sale items.
wmmk-i'd return the kent wang and wait until he comes out with a 14.5... that should be perfect imo
IMO, I'm the best dressed man in the world... jmo
people who need to post more fits more often: get smart chrono labelking brian sd
this won't last i think
Definitely slimmer than zara.
I say medium, maybe even large. I am a 34-36 jacket an wear XS/S. The S has about an 18" chest... that would probably be way too small for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk at that price, RL Rugby is better. however, the best oxfords in the sub-BoO market may be styleforum's own Kent Wang x Thick as Thieves. I just ordered 2, and will report back on the fit... IMO it will be too large for you... i guess we'll find out soon.
smahatma, those are perfect! Fit is absolutely spot on and great fabric and detail choices. Love the patch pockets. I'm jealous.
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