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I got it around thanksgiving, a few days before. It is BDG.
if i had any more money i would cop the bloody hell out of those desert boots...
^haha, yea. I like mine but paid $50 instead of the absurd $235 they retailed for. They look great imo, but $235 is ridiculous.
unfortunately not. i probba would have grabbed them all if there had been.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI I like the urban outfitters shirt. I don't know, but the hem on the BoO looks a bit weird on you. How tall are you? yea... the uo one fits pretty damn well. great deal too at $20 on sale. the BoO hem looks a bit short in the pic but i was wearing those cords pretty low. it's usually about 2-3" below the waist of my pants on the side and easily tuckable. Oh, i'm 5'9.5-5'10 and about 135 lbs.
^^nice. i got a pair of navy blue nylon boat shoe for myself, a plain white oxford and a cream/beige oxford for my brother... the last pairs in medium of those colors. they have left a brown, lavender, yellow, and plum stripe. don't know what they have in l/xl.
Apartment Number 9 in Santa Monica has a ton of BoO on deep discount. They have at least 30 pairs of booxsperry's in a bunch of sizes for $50 each(76% off) and also a lot of oxfords size M-L for around $80(all at 60% off). If you're in the area go check it out.
my version(tell me if teh pics are too big and i'll just link them...): XS BoO oxford: tucked in: S BoO overdyed: tucked in: S Urban Outfitters oxford: tucked: S Uniqlo oxford(way too big): 36/xs Fred Perry ss microgingham:
^truth... except very light green can look acceptable
^i think BoO XS or S would fit you... depending on the way you like it(fairly fitted vs. slim). Being 5'9 neither would be silly short in the hem.
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