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a lot of bb black fleece 40% off online and in stores.
-charcoal flannel, and light grey herringbone suits, tan herringbone sportcoat (TaT) -alden shell #8 longwings -random trews and shit? i dont know what else I want. prob just some impulse, deep discount stuff
fits good but terribad fabric. the madras are decent.
i like it
^freaking great. would be a 10/10 if it had patch pockets. fit is really, really good.
bump will kop in white and blue. the plaid(madras?) looks cool too. going all the way down to xxs, some size must fit me. this is good.
UNIS ss seersucker shirt. i love it.
first waywt unis jump the gun boo
I'll gladly pick up the blue or green boat shoes for $150 when they go on sale, sober or not
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