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^H&M merino wool is hella slim this sweater is my holy grail:
is the suit nwt? if not, how much have you worn it? what is the material? and how would I go about getting the 30% cashback?
everybody be aware: style forum is serious business. post at your own risk.
gotta love the trousers, raincoat, gingham, fred perry, the ties. great stuff
look at levi 511 twill pants from UO. $50.
the skinny khakis are great. everyone should buy a pair...
H&M merino wool v-neck size S or M. I'm 5'8, 130 and the S fits perfect. skinny arms, high arm-holes, etc. and is tight at the waist. Plus they are only $30 and the quality is probably on par with Jcrew or BR(it's fairly decent quality compared to low end stuff at least).
kawp'd generic man savant in chili/brown color
the filippa melange shawl cardi looks amazing but too big para mi.
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