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Good quality, stylish shoes that can be found on deep discount.
bump-are the pants available?
Anything in the bone colored to white range would be awesome. Seersucker sounds cool...
Please release an ivory/almost white colored cotton version of these!
fred perry gingham marc jacobs blue oxford theory floral buttondown theory cords patrick ervell khaki's(so great)
Can you do a shawl collar for a tux?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB "Jesus Christ God Fuck'n Damnit" this is the nicest design feature I've seen here in 12 months. Amazing work and a beautiful contrast of patterns and colors. it's a sportjacket inside out.
theyre prob tailored, i dont think dockers makes pants as skinny as his.
there are probably some levis 511's or 514's that would work for you, wmmk.
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