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Very funny movie. Interesting look at the idea that all you ever really have is family. I recommend seeing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist What's the advantage of a bone? I had a Kansas cut a while ago, a bone in sirloin which was very good. One hell of a list you have there drizzt, I have only been to Morton's and Luger's. It seems as if I'm very inexperienced. The bone allows the steak to cook longer without burning up (same for fat). You get a good initial sear, then move it to a cooler part of the grill to cook in all of that beef...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel A 2 inch ribeye, salthered in butter, topped with sea salt and cracked pepper and then grilled over a fire that can singe your eyebrows off, is pure heaven this sounds like a winner, especially just before lunch. The best steak I've ever had was the prime rib at Joe Allen on my way the theater. It was more than ten years ago and my mouth still waters at thinking of it.
Thomas pretty much said it all, except make sure you sear the steak at high heat, then move to a cooler portion of the grill, especially if you like it a bit more done. If you want to add flavor to less than choice cuts, use a rub instead of a marinade. A simple one has (in order of proportion) paprika, cumin, black pepper, and cayenne. Use 2:2:1 but 1/4 as much cayenne as blk pepper.
I think tradition is a good thing, I had a traditional "prayer meeting" at my bachelor party, with a lot of "Lawd have mercy," "Good Gawd," and "Amen!" The fact that I knew one of the "deaconesses" was an added bonus. But, I digress. . . . If you want to do something different, go to a ball game or take a boat day-cruise. I once went to a bachelor party with a female "best mate," and she went traditional: picked him up in a 60's convertible, cigars, scotch, strippers...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I'm trying to figure out how the hell I got New Edition's "Cool It Now" stuck in my head for the last couple days. . . . Any other songs like this? I'm sure I will have one every couple of days. Oh yeah, "It's My Life" or whatever by, I think, Gwen Stefani. 1.) Behind the Music: New Edition has been running on VH-1 for a few weeks, so that might explain why "Cool it Now" is cropping up. 2.) I saw that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Avers What's your experience with shirts by Hugo Boss? How do they compare to shirts by Hickey Freeman, HSM, Ike Behar, Polo? If one can buy them on sale - for $20-30 - are they worth the price? Thanks, William Definitely worth the price @ $30. I have a Boss Black Label indigo shirt I picked a few years ago that is still one of my favorites.
My league drafts on the 4th of September. Your draft looked solid, but trading for Brooks as a viable option at QB is akin to hoping Clay Aikens will become the George Michael of his generation, even though he has Rick Astley written all over him.
Gentlemen: A very informed and enlightened thread. My personal experience is that God is what is possible in the world -- good, bad, transcendent, and depraved. There is faith and there is religion. Faith is belief beyond tangible experience. Religion is man's attempt to codify the ethereal and indefinable that is faith. I am in awe of people of faith, for they believe in the possibilities of existence and beyond. Religious people scare the hell out of me. And it's...
Thrift/consigment shops are another way, in addition to eBay, to get some of the value back on them. Probelm is that if the suits stick around for several weeks, you may not get enough to make it worth your while. Then again, I usually donate mine and write them off of my taxes.
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