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Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk Berry is a despicable creature. Habitual drink driving offender and general arsehole. Not attractive in my book. I'd love to know what passes for attractive "your book," then again, to each his own. However, her general disposition and habits don't exclude her from babe-dom. In fact, they very well may enhance her appeal for many.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax I give good marks to The English Patient but, then again, I also think that Juliette Binoche is the hottest mammal to ever walk the earth. On a side note, I agree with that Binoche is gorgeous, but her character was supposed to be 20 y.o. and Canadian. Then again, the book was so well written, trying make a movie of it was somewhat futile. Might as well embellish it and give it beautiful people.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I'm an African-American with a pretty bad PFB problem... that being said, I typically avoid shaving for as long as possible because inevitably, every time I do, I get a crapload of ingrown hairs/unsightly razor bumps. I've come to the conclusion that I'd be much happier with 5 o'clock shadow than razor bumps; I'm looking for a razor (or clippers) that I can use that won't shave me as cleanly, if that makes any sense.. ...
Thanks for the heads up. Me and the wife will have to check it out. I love her AFI membership for just these sort of things.
When I was in a band (and 10+ years younger), 2 or 3 of us in the band always carried flasks. Me, the guitarist, and the manager (both of whom are two of my best friends). We'd walk around, particularly in winter, with our respective beverages (I went for bourbon, my boys were either scotch or brandy). I have 3 but don't use mine as much any more. However, with football season and crisp fall and winter walks with the wife coming up, I'll be putting in Jim Beam 8 year.
Grilled Swordfish, marinated in soy, ginger, garlic, and rice vinegar, with black beans (onions, garlic, cumin, coriander), and guacamole on the side. Two fingers of Ron Pampero Anniversario rum. If I'd had a cigar, it would have been perfect.
Very funny movie. Interesting look at the idea that all you ever really have is family. I recommend seeing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist What's the advantage of a bone? I had a Kansas cut a while ago, a bone in sirloin which was very good. One hell of a list you have there drizzt, I have only been to Morton's and Luger's. It seems as if I'm very inexperienced. The bone allows the steak to cook longer without burning up (same for fat). You get a good initial sear, then move it to a cooler part of the grill to cook in all of that beef...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel A 2 inch ribeye, salthered in butter, topped with sea salt and cracked pepper and then grilled over a fire that can singe your eyebrows off, is pure heaven this sounds like a winner, especially just before lunch. The best steak I've ever had was the prime rib at Joe Allen on my way the theater. It was more than ten years ago and my mouth still waters at thinking of it.
Thomas pretty much said it all, except make sure you sear the steak at high heat, then move to a cooler portion of the grill, especially if you like it a bit more done. If you want to add flavor to less than choice cuts, use a rub instead of a marinade. A simple one has (in order of proportion) paprika, cumin, black pepper, and cayenne. Use 2:2:1 but 1/4 as much cayenne as blk pepper.
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