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I'm going with Gnarls Barkley "Smiley Faces." Great retro feel and fantastic video. Yes, I know videos don't count in how the music sounds, but it let's you see how eclectic these guys are.
Bryce, good looking out! I'm about 3 weeks from my first born arriving (and a distinct dent in my shopping budget) and just got the 20% off. I could use a sport jacket (and some flannel pants). Thanks for the heads up.
My wife fills in as a receptionist at Axis in Dupont Circle. Has a good-sized male clientele that's pretty loyal and trendy. About $60.
I own several Boss suits and have never had the trouble with the fusing bubbling. But, I've had it happen to jackets and suits from other designers, so I feel your pain, especially if you paid retail. It's part the construction and part the dry cleaning process. For the sake of all your clothes, you might want to reconsider your dry cleaner. Next, try spot cleaning the suit with a clean cloth, luke-warm water and a gentle hand soap like Ivory. Then once dry, press with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Fernet Branca (does anybody know what the hell to do with this stuff?) It's a postprandial digestive. It's supposed to help with indigestion or a sick stomach. You mix it with Club soda or seltzer. As for my current stock Smirnoff Blue label (twice filtered, but I don't really drink vodka) Tanqueray gin Knob Creek Bourbon Pinch 15 yr. Scotch I am woefully low on brown liquor. I must stock up! Ron...
To the original question, I think it's been stated that after 6 pm, brown is considered inappropriate. That being said, I just attended a charity event and wore brown lace-ups with a medium-dark grey suit (glen plaid with brown and light grey), blue shirt and brown and pale blue paisley tie. My "excuse" was I was coming from work to the event, but it was a good look for a less-than-formal event. Regarding brown in general, I'm pretty much over the excess of black in...
Large or XL depending on the brand and cut. I'm a 44 L, 36 W (to accomodate generous buttocks and thighs). Then again, I'm 6' 2" and over 200 lbs.
Before you buy anything, go see a dematologist. If you have male pattern baldness in your family, there is very little that you can do. However, if you suffer from alopecia, which is a disease that causes hair loss in men and women, the key is catching it early. If it's stress, it's reversible, but figure out what's causing. If you have no hair on your head but it's sprouting out of your knuckles and shoulders, you have scurvy -- just kidding. Usually, alopecia (as...
I use a gentle face wash daily, shave 5 times aweek, with a face scrub a couple of times a week. If I feel like I need some additional cleaning, I'll use witch hazel after the shave. FLMountainMan may have a point (which someone elaborated on) about stripping the natural oils from the skin. How necessary is exfoliating? It creates a vicious cycle, removing the skin's oils, then using multiple products just to replenish that lost moisture.
Brown is definitely more versatile than black and I'm happy to jump on the brown bandwagon. I have a RL brown pinstripe that I love and has served me quite well. I also just picked up a Boss grey/brown glen plaid suit that I wore with a chocolate shirt, a brown/camel houndstooth tie w/windowpane pink overlay, and brown suede ankle boots this past weekend to a wedding on MD's Eastern Shore.
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