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Just purchased Robert Graham khaki poplin jacket (center vent, notched lapel) w/patch pockets, functional gauntlet buttons and a Ben Sherman window pane fitted button down, both from Filene's Basement for $70 total.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Tom Synder Ingmar Bergman Bill Walsh The triad is complete. Didn't know about Synder. Wow, a truly sad day.
What was the old hip-hop lyric from Nice and Smooth, "Bitch, get a job/from me you won't rob"? I'm willing to bet she won't be filing for welfare ever. But, it's quite a statement that grandpa said enough's enough, which is more than her parents have said.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Nice find! Those Hickey Freeman tuxedos are pretty decent for the price they have them for at the Rack. My local one only has them in notch lapels There was a shawl collared H-F, but not in my size. I might have grabbed it. It cost a bit more than the Abboud or the Brooks Brothers I saw next door -- esp. considering it was an "outlet shop" (ha, ha!) -- but gave me most everything I wanted. I'll send pix...
Gentlemen: FYI, I bought a Hickey-Freeman single-breasted, one-button w/peaked lapels this weekend from Nordstrom Rack. Only down side is that it's black. thank you for your assistance.
^ +1 on that! I'd have died and gone to heaven. Now, if we can get Storm and Lady Deathstrike involved. . . .
Calvin Klein Trouser-cut denim Calvin Klein navy pocketed polo Robert Wayne cognac colored slip-ons with center seam Perry Ellis cognac colored belt (Casual Friday)
Quote: Originally Posted by lightsky To figure out what that definition is changing to, we have to remember what it's changing from. "Natural beauty" was the ideal promoted in the '60s, and, amazingly, it was made to apply over the years to everybody from Katharine Ross to Christy Turlington. Madonna struck the first blow against it by putting beauty at the service not only of image but also of her will; the obesity epidemic and the acceptance of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph ???????????? I mean it's hot no doubt, but what do you think of a girl who sports this look ? And yes, I know a girl who really does wear this regularly. This reminds me of a Linda Ronstadt album cover from the 70s. In fact, the whole look reminds me of it. Me, I kinda like bare legs. Two things: it's not a far leap from the school-girl skirt and long sock look of a couple of years back; it's for...
Somehow, we've gotten away from the point of the thread, Supermodels, perferably scantily clad!!!! WTF? Here, shut up and look at this: Brooklyn Decker
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