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Definitely keep that. It's a fantastic piece.
Nice of you to bring this up. I have huge problems with women's advice on men's clothing, particularly in light of the fact so many can't pick out clothes for themselves. Most don't use a tailor, wouldn't or couldn't tell you their true shoe size, and will revert to "tight and black" if pressed on a quick choice (my wife included). Yet, they are some how better able to tell us what to wear.
She might of just had second thoughts. Or, she peeked in your shower and saw the tub was dirty or the shower curtain had mold on it -- not saying that it does, mind you. Seriously, an unclean bathroom is the quickest way to scare off a potential bed-mate. Women see that and it's "adios my friend." Sounds like you need to set your place up, period. Don't want to squander another opportunity.
As others have said here, it's a bad idea to incur debt for a ring. The whole affair of getting married is so expensive, then you still have to eventually buy a house, a new (at least to you) car, and if you have kids -- ow! Why not check antique/vintage jewelry dealers like Fay Cullen, who specialize in estate jewelry, art deco pieces, and other styles that will look fantastic without costing you the price of Toyota? You can always upgrade the ring as time goes on. I'm...
A brief segue -- not that I want to take the focus away from La Bella Bellucci -- to offer an early image of Ms. Pam Grier.
Gentlemen, Two suggestions: Eastern Market on Capitol Hill has a few butchers (and a fish monger). It's open every day and is a few blocks from the Eastern Market Metro. The other place is Brookeville Market in Cleveland Park. It's small, but butcher there knows her stuff. I hope that helps.
Oh, one more UB from the land of adult entertainment: Belladonna. She borders on ugly but does things you wouldn't consider with a farm animal -- she looks good doing it and I thank her for this.
My most recent avatar is from the cover of the Broun Fellinis album, Afrokubistic Improvisations #9. One of my favorite bands.
I shave my head but never had the dry scalp problem. I use a kiwi oil extract, but have used tea tree oil (mixed with grapeseed oil and olive oil). A few drops give my head a nice shine and conditions my scalp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart as much as I like 24, this show has already jumped the shark. within the first 4 hours we have -Govt fighter planes shooting missles into a house in Inglewood -Jack going from getting off a plane after being in a chinese torture prison for 2 years and getting cleaned up, briefed, already kills 3 guys, including his close friend Curtis, which was just too silly a scenario -Jack getting around town so damn...
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