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Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan Consuela Costiglioni is so hot. Even in her mid 50's I think she's stylish, but not particularly attractive, IMHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick M There's an old adage in the comic business, regarding the deaths of characters: "No one in comics stays dead, except Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben." One problem: Bucky's not dead. He was captured by the Soviets, turned into a black-ops agent, aka the Shadow Soldier, was intricately involved in the death of Wolverine's Japanese wife, and was recently running around trying to kill Logan again (See Wolverine...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek are we allowed to mock people's choices? I must apologize in advance, but I don't know how anyone could be the least bit attracted to Joan Cusack. She makes me want to gouge my eyes out and tear my ears off every time she's on-screen. Umm, the whole idea is that is UNUSUAL. Joan Cusack makes total sense, under these circumstances. Some of these choices aren't particularly unusual. Julia Child would be an...
I forgot all about Lee Marvin in Point Blank! Malevolence personified -- the remake, Payback, with Mel Gibson wasn't bad, especially the two dirty cops.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dormouse I'm also rather fond of the Lena Olin as Mona Demarkov, the provocative femme fatale from Romeo is Bleeding. But of course, Demarkov is not a 'guy.' +1. She was so bad ass. Her description of her first kill sounded like it was her losing her virginity, which in essence she did. Brilliant. Also Tuco (Eli Wallach) and Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) from the Good the Bad and the Ugly; Debo (Tiny Lester) from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh Help us out, Christofuh. Who is this?
Before she became a crackhead , Whitney Houston had everything you wanted in a vocalist: range, phrasing, depth of material (she could sing pop ballads, R&B burners, dirty blues, and jazz standards). She her perform live and you recognized she was the real deal. As my favorites, I'll include Sarah Vaughn Joni Mitchell Arthea Franklin Kate Bush Meshell N'Degeocello Ann Wilson
Quote: Originally Posted by Starguitar Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah is better than Leonard Cohen's kind of robotic original. +1 on this.
[quote=StockwellDay]Rare Essence - Pieces of Me [Ashley Simpson] (go-go - ask someone from DC about it) QUOTE] I don't know who you are, but you are my new best friend! Me and my boy have always thought the cover was the better version.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 Concrete Blond: Little Wing (ok, this one's debateable) While I respect any reference to Concrete Blond, the Stevie Ray Vaughn cover of 'Little Wing" is the best cover of the song and possibly the better version in general. However, Hendrix's take on "Along the Watchtower" is much better than the Dylan original IMHO.
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