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The only reasons she's considered not bad looking is because she thin and rich (that's improved many a person's looks). Let her ass show up at State College U on financial aid and she's be the drunk party hook-up.
He and his wife Nan, just received honorary doctorates from Goucher College in Baltimore this past weekend. I had the pleasure of hearing them speak (they gave a tag team speech on finding your voice, following your muse, and the benefits of a good editor) while attending my sister-in-law's graduation (MA in Education). He wore a pale gray suit, white shirt with a blue tie and whole cut palomino oxfords. Extremely sharp on a 90 degree day.
I love the show (still upset about Stringer getting offed, but he had it coming). Thanks for this article.
I like the suspender buttons, button flap back pockets, flat front with a trimmer fit, mid- rise. A lighter cotton canvas would be great to make them more versatile. I like the idea of different colors, but worry about fading and wear with dyed cotton. This takes us in a totally different direction, but how do y'all feel about a flat front version with a Hollywood waist (British military from the late 30s)?
First, kudos to Barry for breaking the record. Steroids don't do anything for hand-eye coordination and baseball IQ. The man can play ball, abrasive personality and questionable morality aside. The King is dead, love live the King. One last thing (from me) about Aaron: several players have played in the majors for 20 years, but none of them approach Aaron's numbers. He played 23 years, and never hit more than 45 homers in a season, but he averaged nearly 33 HRs/year. This...
I have a charcoal gray flannel with a subtle herringbone pattern to it and a glen plaid with pale blue and nut brown. The first is my go-to for business meetings and the like, so I guess it falls into the "non-descript" category. It does make a great backdrop for my shirts and ties.
Thanks for your response. I'm at work now, but will check the hallmark and take better photos later when I'm home.
I received a pair of schrimshaw cufflinks, carved into Japanese figurines. They have sterling silver hardware. Very unusual, as far as I know and I'd like to find out more about this style -- was it popular, where can I find more. Anyone else familiar with them?
The Fine Young Cannibals eponymously titled first album was great. They had the whole early 60s look down -- Gift was cast in a few movies, "Sammie" and Rosie Get Laid" and Scandal" because he looked great in clothes. The Style Council "My Ever Changing Moods," the tweed coat/flannel jacket combo Mick Hucknall from Simply Red wore in "Holding Back the Years" was sharp. For me in high school, Morris Day and the Time was all of that and a bag of chips, with the dip....
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Here is a nice butt that's not airbrushed... notice how you can see where legs end and butt begins. You definitely want to reevaluate your conception of "bubble butt." She barely has any ass at all and damn sure no hips.
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