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My daughter goes to sleep currently to Trane's "My Favorite Things" album. RIP.
Gentlemen: Upon closer inspection, using the ample suggestion provided above, I'm pretty sure these are plastic replicas that someone gave silver mechanicals -- one is even put on wrong, perpendicular to its counterpart. Thank you for the beautiful examples and the helpful discussion.
I assume the real question is "would an actual lesbian date a guy?"
I've always starched my shirt (light at the cleaners), especially the thinner fabrics even though I know it ruins the tensile strength of the yarn. I do press them with only steam and a light spritz of spray starch and find myself doing that more and more.
Quote: Originally Posted by TCN Ha!!!!! Caught! Thank God we have the likes of the Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole to save us from our Cro-magnon selves huh? Next they'll be telling us about the "new three button" suit. Does anyone remember when Banana Republic was sort of a cool casual clothing store that sold knockoffs of Willis & Geiger type of stuff? They should go back to that, and Abercrombie & Fitch should start carrying shotguns again, if...
Cotton shirks about 2-5%, from what I've been told, regardless
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca I hope you are right. I think Denver will have a good year, Cutler seems to be a promising young QB and Shanahan is a mastermind. I think the jury's out on Shanahan being mastermind. John Elway and the best back over a 4 year period since Gale Sayers can make anyone look good. Check out his success ever since. Speaking of formerly touted geniuses, Go Skins!
Yikes! One date doesn't work: I'm at a wedding all day Sept. 1.
^ +1. We'll have as much info as possible if we do this later.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube What's so horrible about that? I didn't say anything was wrong with that. We've all been there.
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