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15% is the starting point on dinner. Depending on where I am (the hook up) and the service, it might go as high as 30-40%. If the service is really bad, I'll leave he minimum and talk to a manager. I've found that stiffing bad service, while it makes you feel better, doesn't actually improve the service at the place. But getting pulled aside by a manager who asks how come you're fucking up again might.
Kronik, I tried Taberna del Alabarderno, too and found it underwhelming. I've eaten there before and it was good. I do believe that Restaurant Week brings one of two responses from participating restaurants: let's wow these new customers and get them back; or, throw something together we can do without thinking, since none of these folks will come back here anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad The Catholic Church annuls marriages. Isn't that an escape clause, albeit a narrower one than civil divorce? Apparently, not that narrow considering Joe Kennedy was able to get an annulment after more than 10 years being married, with kids. I'm from a divorced family and the truth is that too many people get married for the wrong reasons. A pre-nup is a reality in this day and age, the same way a dowry...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 They really should get Eva Mendes for one of these. Though whoever it is, it sure is going to be hard to top Eva Green and Caterina Murino. +1. Nice combo platter right there. And what's wrong with the fact that Shilpa looks like any number of attractive Indian women? We actively encourage all attractive women, despite their similarities to other attractive women.
Kenzo Eau du Toilette Egoiste (original formula) I wear sandalwood oil frequently. It last longer than any cologne.
Reed's Ginger beer and Orangina (not necessarily together, but intriguing).
how much for the belt. they look great!
Don't know if either place is still open (it's been a few years since I was there), but 42 Degrees near the baseball stadium and Cesar in Berkeley are pretty good.
Vote, then bitch as loudly as you want. Preferably to the people you voted for.
^ +1. I never had a problem in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, or Granada. A friend was in Barcelona last year for her birthday and had her wallet, passport picked before she got to her hotel. But, that probably had as much to do with her screaming "tourist" with a backpack and a map as anything.
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