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Quote: If your jacket bunches up, it doesn't fit. Don't blame vents. I think double vents look better when you walk but no-vents look better when you are standing still. The ventless jacket looks fantastic from the front, until you sit on it and it becomes wrinkled. Plus, if you have any backside, it doesn't lay well. I have a few and love them, but find side vents work better for me. But I'd never argue with Cary Grant's sartorial choices.
Having a casual messenger and a more formal briefcase makes sense. If you have a couple of bags and want to mix it up, I'm all for that. But actually matching your briefcase to your shoes is a bit much. Kinda chick-like.
A couple of non-pricey (entrees under $20), yet tasty suggestions: Indian -- Jyoti in Adams-Morgan. As good as most of the Indian you'll find in this town (can't speak for Rasika, yet). The Kabob House on K Street. Great lunch place. Chinese, carryout -- North Sea in Adams-Morgan. You'll never be unhappy. French Bisto -- Bistrot do Coin in DuPont Circle. Great mussles and pomme frites, properly surly staff. You'll feel as if people really like being there and not...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology So this girl is supposedly the best Earth has to offer? Just the best that the contests in the 70 countries have to offer. Everyone has taken a class or worked with women at least as attractive as those in the contest. With the right coaching (and augmentation), a benignly attractive woman becomes a "knockout" or "pure beauty." It's an idealized standard, for sure, based on European standards of beauty,...
First single, "Mary Jane" by Rick James First Album, "Player of the Year" Bootsy Collins
Hope this worked out for you. I was off on paternity leave until recently. 5 month-olds don't understand the importance of online communities.
Scarlett is cute (in a pixie sort of way), sexy (comes off as smart, nice rack, and great voice), but not particularly beautiful. Those attributes can take you a loooooooooonnnnnnggggg way, further than being beautiful.
Try Garanach de Fuego old vine Garanacha, at less than $10, it's a tasty, easy drinking wine. For a few dollars more ($18) Howell Mountain Old Vine Zinfandel is a price performer, IMHO.
Go, pay your respects. Celebrate the wedding, if you are a friend of the snit. . . host. Just don't get into any conversation about your boy in jail, could be awkward.
There are a butt-load of lots, but for the short term, you might want to check the City Paper, Craig's List, and the like to see if some student or professor is leaving town for the summer and wants to rent his/her spot to you. Before we moved in together, my wife rented her parking space for her condo (she lived in a similarly congested area, Adams-Morgan) at a monthly rate. The question is (and I'm not the first to wonder), will you really need your car that much to...
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