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Quote: Originally Posted by tljenkin Thank you for the understanding nyf. I am very tall and well built because of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I'm not ematiated or looking for a skin-tight fit, just something that does not have a ton of extra fabric around my abdomen, but is an XL. Actually, try the Gap's athletic t-shirts. At this point you can probably get them for less than $7 a piece with a range of colors and necks.
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid the aluminum in anti-persperant is what causes the stains. switch to deoderant only. you can also try something like tea tree oil, etc... sorry, everyone sweats... +1. I have sweaty pits, since I need the antiperspirant. I wear undershirts all year not to ruin my shirts to remedy that but in the soupy days of summer in DC, it's tough.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjosh I'll be heading into NYC tomorrow to pick up some ties for me, my groomsmen, and the dads in my wedding, which is on June 16th. Unfortunately we're renting strollers -- it's a long story -- but I'd like to give them ties, both because they'll be a useful gift and because they'll spruce up the rented outfits. At least, I hope they will. So, where should I go? Are there any particularly good values in formal ties? I'm...
I've read 1/4" to 1/2". 1/2 seems reasonable to me and is what I'd recommend.
Saw "The Namesake" -- had issues with the screenplay, but not bad. Rented "An Inconvenient Truth" which was much better than I thought it would be. "Brick" with the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun was very good -- noir detective story set in high school. But I caught the last 45 mins of "The Godfather" on Saturday and it topped pretty much everything else.
Just saw this. I haven't really watched Entourage much (I can only afford time be a fan of 3 shows a year), but I've seen enough to know Piven is a screen eater. Might have to drop 24 and add this to the viewing list. PS -- heard the Nobu/Piven story also. He talks about it in June's Esquire.
Quote: If your jacket bunches up, it doesn't fit. Don't blame vents. I think double vents look better when you walk but no-vents look better when you are standing still. The ventless jacket looks fantastic from the front, until you sit on it and it becomes wrinkled. Plus, if you have any backside, it doesn't lay well. I have a few and love them, but find side vents work better for me. But I'd never argue with Cary Grant's sartorial choices.
Having a casual messenger and a more formal briefcase makes sense. If you have a couple of bags and want to mix it up, I'm all for that. But actually matching your briefcase to your shoes is a bit much. Kinda chick-like.
A couple of non-pricey (entrees under $20), yet tasty suggestions: Indian -- Jyoti in Adams-Morgan. As good as most of the Indian you'll find in this town (can't speak for Rasika, yet). The Kabob House on K Street. Great lunch place. Chinese, carryout -- North Sea in Adams-Morgan. You'll never be unhappy. French Bisto -- Bistrot do Coin in DuPont Circle. Great mussles and pomme frites, properly surly staff. You'll feel as if people really like being there and not...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology So this girl is supposedly the best Earth has to offer? Just the best that the contests in the 70 countries have to offer. Everyone has taken a class or worked with women at least as attractive as those in the contest. With the right coaching (and augmentation), a benignly attractive woman becomes a "knockout" or "pure beauty." It's an idealized standard, for sure, based on European standards of beauty,...
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