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This is not going well. Rivers will be fine as the season progresses, but 4 picks and 2 TDs is no way to ingratiate yourself with the football gods. Thank God for Edge and Frank Gore, and nice rebound week for Driver and Colston. Drizzt: is it me or does Yahoo not update at the end of real time games? I can see what my score is, but no other info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I just went through a bag of this: I love the salt and pepper version. Also will slaughter a bad of olive oil and rosemary ones. I have to confess my weakness for Payday candy bars. Love 'em.
Thank God for my other league, because I'm sucking the tailpipe in this one (I know, only one game, way too soon to panic). Phillip Rivers is giving me gas.
I'm dying by inches here! Jensen goes down so no passes to Cooley until OT. Driver and Jones are dinged and play like it. My receivers get a whopping 11 points total. Welcome to the NFL!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim A real team leader/locker room presence: Is down for a threesome/orgy She runs a West Coast offense: Rimjob and a reacharound. AKA a real freaky, dirty girl. Rain delay/bye week: "that time of the month" Cinderella team: The girl you wake up next to after a loooong night of drinking. Also, you could be the Cinderella team for a lady who is "out of your league", under the right circumstances. Mendoza line: The girl...
If they can't get Duece and Bush going, Brees will have a rough go getting the ball downfield. They have to run block better. Don't get me started about their DBs.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl Scene from Shoot Em Up http://iesb.net/index.php?option=com...detail&id=1334 That was almost too much, but thanks, it made my morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/200....ap/index.html This can't be good. Not good at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by daveboxster - Stick shifts in cars - How do you answer your cell phone? Stickshifts are fun, but not particularly practical. How do you answer the phone? This is why they invented Bluetooth. You don't take your eyes off of the road and can talk, if needed. Ideally, not answering the phone is probably best.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I hope none of you are making your Manhattans with Scotch whiskey. That would be a Rob Roy.
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