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Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 JH's (graduate) program in international studies may actually be based in DC by the way. But I'm not sure about that. b It is, just off of DuPont Circle.
UMD is a very good school (I graduated from UMD after transferring from Syracuse), cheaper than all the other DC alternatives, has great history, communications, and science programs. College Park isn't much to talk about but DC's really close. Crime in PG County is a problem (even though it's one of the top 40 wealthiest counties in the nation), but people are getting jacked in Georgetown every day, which speaks to crime in DC in general.
My old man started the "behave like a man and you'll be treated like one" thing when I was 12. No excuses, just do what you have to. Soon I was staying home with the utility/service guy and writing the checks out. He'd send me into a client's offices to drop papers by the time I was 16 and trust I knew what was what. When I was 20, I handed his mechanic $1500 to repair a car I wrecked, when my father said "you're a good man."
I have my weekly cigar fix to meet (Right now working with La Gloria Cubana Rubusto and Montecristo Buena Fortuna petite corona), but I'm out of dark rum right now. Might have to make a stop on the way home. Jsoftz, if you like Camaroon, try the Camacho SLR. Fine, fine cigar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Every day, I am becoming more and more disenchanted with the direction in which my life is headed. While I enjoy my time at college and am doing quite well, I feel like it's just sort of useless right now. At the moment, I have multiple aspirations, but nothing makes me leap out of my chair and say, "Yes! I want to do this!" When you couple that with the feeling that my university courses seem to be little more than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason hairless armpits = wierd, same with totally shaved junk just trim when you start getting messy +1. Even though in the US we've gotten used to totally smooth coochie and underarms on women, it's really not normal for full grown adults not to have hair in those places. Like someone else said, only if you're a body builder or porn star.
Go old school with the adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe, with the green tab on back.
The 80s were a good time, but out of it came a cynicism that we as a society have a difficult time reconciling with our apple-pie and blue-skies view of the world. We "defeated" communism, returned the hostages home, and went about our prosperous lives. Yet, we were no longer at ease. We were responsible for bad shit happening around the world (Central America, World Bank loans crippling economies) and couldn't control the bad shit happening here (crack, crime, teen...
OK, what the hell. . . . Fishbone The Police Gnarls Barkley Meshell N'Degeocello Prince (yes I know the last two are solo artists)
I bought an apple green checked shirt by Trovata recently. It's too high in the arm holes and tight on my arms in general, but the line is kinda funky with eclectic touches such as red buttons and button holes, contrasting fabric for the interior of cuffs and collars, and obscure references to the Royal Academy of Science. More going out clothes for younger guys. Anyone know anything about the line or have opinions on it?
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