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Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 No offense but your choices betray your sexual orientation. Those chicks look like dudes. +1 to that!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Are you serious? You wouldn't give Christy Turlington a second look if you passed her on the street? That's insane. Just MHO
Quote: Originally Posted by funk_soul_brother Christy is a legend. She has one of the most beautiful faces of all time. A legend, yes, but her face is a great "model" face. On the street, not a second look, except because of familiarity. For me Cindy Crawford, Kirsty Bowser (both old skool), Kara Young, and I like Brooklyn Decker (SI swimsuit model). Let's not forget Linda Evangelista (I dont' get out of bed for less than $10,000/day).
Cigars and bourbon with a fine, Cafe Au Lait woman at Ozio in DC. All my friends and evenings out should be so enticing.
sorry, double posted. . . .
I'm dating myself, but The Flamingo Kid, with Matt Dillon. And +1 on High Fidelity and Swingers.
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 who cares about the betting really? let him in Organized crime cares about betting. Ever since the 1918 Black Sox World Series was fixed, baseball has been afraid of a similar scandal that would sully its reputation as good, clean fun. So much for that notion. As a player, Pete should be in, but Bart Giammatti, rightly or wrongly, took care of that. As for Bonds, he was a Hall of Famer before he...
Bought my last pair in Alicante, Spain 10 years ago and hadn't really seen them since. I feel about them the same way I feel about flip flops -- for all intents and purposes they're beachwear. Not gay.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 ! The man's a Tom Robbins fan -- Fierce Invalids Home from Hot climates is a very underrated book.
Not to swing off of Maryland's nuts, but it's a top-20 school, the subway gets you downtown in 30 mins, it has a campus, unlike GW, and employers know that UMD is a competitive school with quality programs. I'm from MD and didn't want to go there, but did for financial concerns (not the type you're describing), and was surprised by what I received. That being said, for the program you want AU or Georgetown might be better choices. There's also the fact that transferring...
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