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Just let me know when you start making larger sizes so that I can rock a shirt along with my Kent Wang cufflinks and pocketsquares.
I heard he got roasted at Columbia! Good times. . . .
While I'm not a fashionista, spending all of my time and money on the latest gear, I, like the rest of you, appreciate a well designed piece of clothing. I'm also aware of the # of jobs produced by the fashion industry domestically (2% of the nation's overall manufacturing and unfortunately, includes the sweatshops we hear so much about). Those who design clothes make up a sizable portion of artist communities in cities like New York (22%) and Los Angeles (17%). DC has...
I'm willing to bet that a second date is not likely. You played your ace way to early. Always be willing to walk away, or let her walk away, without pressing the issue. There is a much greater chance of her coming back and blessing you with the goodies. BTW, how old are you if 26 is older? And a clean room says you're a fucking prepared adult, not some frat boy who kicked his roommate out for the night and shoved everything in the closet at the last minute.
The battle in my household is between My Favorite Things (wife's favorite) and Blue Train (mine). Then I listened to Giant Steps for the first time in 6 years this weekend and that might have thrown the whole debate out of whack. And Coltrane choosing Johnny Hartman to do a duet album with is akin to starting your #6 pitcher in the final game of the WS and winning. Inspired singing by Hartman.
For shits and giggles, Ill weigh in: Navy SB suit Navy pinstripe SB (winter weight) Grey Flannel DB suit Grey SB suit Medium Grey glen plaid (spring/summer) Tan poplin SB 2 BC white shirts 1 FC white shirt 1 BC blue shirt 1 FC blue shirt 1 each BC, pink, ecru, yellow 1 each, tattersall (brown/red/blue), gingham (blue or red), bengal striped 1 pair black oxfords (cap toe) 1 pair brown oxfords 1 pair brown suede loafers 1 pair black Chelsea boots 1 black...
It's safe to say the ad had the desired effect -- we talked about it for five pages and someone picked up the cologne. Nothing particularly new or original about the ad, but as we all know, pussy sells to guys. Enough will buy because of his name and the ads (especially young dudes who didn't know this pony was one-tricked out more than 20 years ago). But I didn't know Tom Ford moonlighted in detailing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Do you have StatTracker? Didn't feel the need to pay for it. Still don't.
Beast of Burden, then Slave, Street Fighting Man, Almost Hear You Cry, & Miss You (first Stones song I actually knew)
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