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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 How about spend 30 minutes talking to reporters then head to the locker room? Or, how about the media wait until they finish showering and dressing and then doing an interview? Point is, the beast (media, pop culture curiosity) must be fed. That's why Ines Sainz is in TV as opposed to tax law in Spain--there's a bigger market for it. She was cool with the catcalls (former beauty pageant contestant, so it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man God da*n, look at the way she dresses. She was not "reporting", she wanted a boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy! Sainz is a former Miss Spain (so I understand), I don't think finding a sugar daddy would be difficult. She's a personality, not a reporter, so the clothes and behavior are a part of her thing. Lots of female reporters are serious about their jobs and aren't hunting cocks fresh from the shower. But...
There is something sanctimonious about vacating the year and removing Bush from the Heisman alumni. One, it is 5 years after Reggie Bush played his last game for USC. Two, taking his Heisman away and removing his name from the records does nothing to remove the memories, accolades, and money that the prestigious award garnered. And three, if you take his, you should have to take Leinert's who essentially won it by throwing 10 yard passes to Bush and watching him run for 75...
Just finished the Lisbeth Salander series (The Girl . . . .). Started reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Seeing Cee-Lo get the (from Gnarls Barkley) tag made me a little sad. Quote: Originally Posted by Drakkar Jaune indeed. Goodie Mob first pls. Goodie Mob is too much for today's ears. None of the people who know Cee-lo today could even appreciate his Dungeon Family days. Gnarls Barkley isn't a bad way to be known, considering. Love the song, tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scuderia-F1 I bought a Xikar travel humidor for 10 cigars today when I picked up some new smokes! Does anyone have any experience about this travel humi, as how to prepare before using it etc? I have one in my office. Just soak the sponge, shake off excess, and give it an hour in the box alone before you place the sticks in. You'll be just fine. It does a good job for short-term storage.
Anyone familiar with Pendelton Canadian Whiskey? It has a lighter taste, with hints of vanilla in the finish. Had some while in the Grand Canyon for work. Not bad
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 Although I haven't read all his books, I do find him entertaining. American Psycho was great and Less than Zero was pretty good. In a weird way, I was slightly more disturbed by Less than Zero. I agree re: Less Than Zero. Perhaps because the Bateman character in American Psycho was so far out of bounds, he was a caricature. The kids in Less Than Zero bore a great resemblance to people you might know or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Bullshit, so many ugly, worthless guys with great speaking skills have gotten laid. I disagree. Dudes more often talk themselves out of it. The silver-tongued devil is few and far between, hence rarely.
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