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Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Why am I not surprised about how Conne would approach this! That being said, I am sad about the loss of Blake Edwards. He directed many of my favorite movies including Days of Wine and Roses, Breakfast at Tiffany's, 10, The Pink Panther, The Man Who Loved Women, Skin Deep, Victor/Victoria and S.O.B. I agree with you on all these counts (particularly the one on Conne). A enjoyable, funny director.
Not a big baseball guy, but it seems that the Phils have a considerably easier path to the Series than either NY or TEX. Who to get by after Giants, Dodgers, ??? The one thing he doesn't have is a ring and apparently, Lee likes the Philly area.
+1 for In Praise of the Stepmother. I read it some 20 years ago and remember liking the tie-in to Renaissance-era art. And it was really naughty.
That was fun.
What, no Jodeci or Color Me Badd?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI hard to be an unsuspecting chump when if you google your fiance's name and her Duke fuck list pops up. Who Google's their fiance's name?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 How about spend 30 minutes talking to reporters then head to the locker room? Or, how about the media wait until they finish showering and dressing and then doing an interview? Point is, the beast (media, pop culture curiosity) must be fed. That's why Ines Sainz is in TV as opposed to tax law in Spain--there's a bigger market for it. She was cool with the catcalls (former beauty pageant contestant, so it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man God da*n, look at the way she dresses. She was not "reporting", she wanted a boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy! Sainz is a former Miss Spain (so I understand), I don't think finding a sugar daddy would be difficult. She's a personality, not a reporter, so the clothes and behavior are a part of her thing. Lots of female reporters are serious about their jobs and aren't hunting cocks fresh from the shower. But...
There is something sanctimonious about vacating the year and removing Bush from the Heisman alumni. One, it is 5 years after Reggie Bush played his last game for USC. Two, taking his Heisman away and removing his name from the records does nothing to remove the memories, accolades, and money that the prestigious award garnered. And three, if you take his, you should have to take Leinert's who essentially won it by throwing 10 yard passes to Bush and watching him run for 75...
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