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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung She prob has a dick. That would be her husband. Their daughter, Bebel Gilberto has done some nice work. Ambient, easy on the ears, perfect for sipping caipirihnas.
This is the first year in, I can't even remember, that I didn't bother to fill out a bracket. Just didn't have a chance to watch enough hoops to even make an informed guess. Caught UNC/LIU last night and that was a fun game. You never had a sense LIU would win, but they kept making runs to keep UNC working. That kid Harrison Barnes is tough! Smooth, doesn't seem to get rattled.
I expected nothing less than a well-articulated comment from Hill. And I agree with critique of the whole"Uncle Tom" notion of certain players. Johnny Dawkins was as DC as they come, yet went to a good high school and had a successful college academic career. There's more than one black experience. But I agree with the posters about the need Of Hill to address the words of a 18-19 year old with little understanding of the world, 20 years later. Hill could have let it go...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Bought a bottle of wild turkey rare breed, is this a good starting bottle? It tastes pretty good. If you liked it, it's a good bottle. Developing your palette means trying lots of whiskeys and figuring out what you prefer and why. Wild Turkey's not a bad bourbon at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Eh...whaaa? Ha! He is a for sure piece of sartorial work, isn't he?
Don Cherry's a hockey commentator in Canada. Was a good player, now he's a (astute but asinine) blowhard talking head. And snappy dresser. . . .
Take Five is a fine song, but not a #1 of 100 for Jazz aficionados. Problem with these list for jazz that very little after 1970 is considered, not much other than Armstrong before 1935 is considered. Some big band, lots of be bop and cool jazz. If Jazz is that limited (or dead), put it in a museum, like Miles suggested for folk music (and those who wanted him to keep making Milestones over and over).
I read the book over the Holidays and found it an enjoyable read. Like many, I'm over his love of the Celts to the detriment of other players. But his analysis is solid. Yeah, gladhands, his Wilt hate is without parallel. The refs essentially allowed teams to bludgeon the man, which doesn't override his poor foul shooting, but might explain his attitude. Appreciated his love of Maravich (even before the Celts) and Iverson. Recognizing greatness isn't always associated with...
"Windy" by The Association
This shot is from Maxim, but her Esquire photos are smoking, too.
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