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Don Cherry's a hockey commentator in Canada. Was a good player, now he's a (astute but asinine) blowhard talking head. And snappy dresser. . . .
Take Five is a fine song, but not a #1 of 100 for Jazz aficionados. Problem with these list for jazz that very little after 1970 is considered, not much other than Armstrong before 1935 is considered. Some big band, lots of be bop and cool jazz. If Jazz is that limited (or dead), put it in a museum, like Miles suggested for folk music (and those who wanted him to keep making Milestones over and over).
I read the book over the Holidays and found it an enjoyable read. Like many, I'm over his love of the Celts to the detriment of other players. But his analysis is solid. Yeah, gladhands, his Wilt hate is without parallel. The refs essentially allowed teams to bludgeon the man, which doesn't override his poor foul shooting, but might explain his attitude. Appreciated his love of Maravich (even before the Celts) and Iverson. Recognizing greatness isn't always associated with...
"Windy" by The Association
This shot is from Maxim, but her Esquire photos are smoking, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert thats why i like mouzone. he broke the stereotype. Interestingly, I see Mouzone and Omar as boogey men for those in "The Game." Both stereotype breaking characters. Mouzone from the Enforcement side and Omar from the Cautionary Tale side (Watch your back or. . . .) Them coming together to do Stringer made a nice (potentially convenient) dovetail of risks being in the game brought.
Quote: Originally Posted by Izhitsa Bunk: A different look for our boy. Jimmy: Yeah, Perry Ellis, or something. Bunk: Now, how would a just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking motherfucker like you, know the designer? Jimmy: Okay, I'm guessing. Bunk: It's a Joseph Abboud. He puts dark buttons instead of brass on his blazers. That's the Abboud signature. Jimmy: You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, don't you? Bunk: A...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Dude, I get what you're saying for the most part. But Come the hell on. Manning could be a disappointment because he was expected to perform at a high level and he achieved that and more? WTF? I don't think he's a disappointment in the slightest, but there is a certain amount of "Well he should win" that goes with his ascent through the ranks. Brady's "200th pick of the draft becomes Super Bowl MVP and...
I'm in for Brady, but just by a hair. I think Manning is asked to do much more than most modern QBs and generally speaking wins the majority of his battles. But you can't argue with the body of work Brady has put up. Despite his draft position, he was a known quantity, worth taking a flier on when you have Bledsoe in your camp. Manning maybe considered a bit of a disappointment because he was the Golden Child and was expected to do what he's done--and more.
If you want to get a chubby watching some one wage a chess battle with DEF Coordinators, then Manning's better. If you want to win regardless of the situation, Brady's your guy.
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