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Captain America did a similar thing in the late 70s/early 80s as Nomad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thracozaag Wow, Julio Jones to the Falcons! Not bad. They need a #2 receiver, are set at QB, O-Line, RB, and I like the DEF, except there's no replacement for John Abraham.
The whole Cam Newton/Vince Young argument is interesting. Crappy disposition aside (and I'm not saying to discount that in the slightest if you're thinking of picking him up), Vince is 30-17 as a starter. So if Cam is as productive as Vince but less of an asshole, is it worth taking him? I know people say you can't always count their record, but if a guy wins every where he goes that has to say something. Mediocre college QBs don't suddenly become starters in the NFL. For...
Quote: Originally Posted by boogaboogabooga . . . . I don't know of any sexy guitar-ness coming out of Prince that isn't Hendrix-based or a rip on a Bernie Worrell or Eddie Hazel line. Which I think are also Hendrix based. And Hendrix might have bit Curtis Mayfield. It's been a while since I've been into all that stuff. I'd disagree about Eddie Hazel. A very sexy song (with an very unsexy name) is "Maggot Brain." It was definitely...
Just finished Losing My Cool, moving on to The Promise
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung She prob has a dick. That would be her husband. Their daughter, Bebel Gilberto has done some nice work. Ambient, easy on the ears, perfect for sipping caipirihnas.
This is the first year in, I can't even remember, that I didn't bother to fill out a bracket. Just didn't have a chance to watch enough hoops to even make an informed guess. Caught UNC/LIU last night and that was a fun game. You never had a sense LIU would win, but they kept making runs to keep UNC working. That kid Harrison Barnes is tough! Smooth, doesn't seem to get rattled.
I expected nothing less than a well-articulated comment from Hill. And I agree with critique of the whole"Uncle Tom" notion of certain players. Johnny Dawkins was as DC as they come, yet went to a good high school and had a successful college academic career. There's more than one black experience. But I agree with the posters about the need Of Hill to address the words of a 18-19 year old with little understanding of the world, 20 years later. Hill could have let it go...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Bought a bottle of wild turkey rare breed, is this a good starting bottle? It tastes pretty good. If you liked it, it's a good bottle. Developing your palette means trying lots of whiskeys and figuring out what you prefer and why. Wild Turkey's not a bad bourbon at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Eh...whaaa? Ha! He is a for sure piece of sartorial work, isn't he?
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