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Good point. It was a nice smoke, may have to pick up a box.
Had this Perdomo Lot 23 while hanging out with friends down in Miami two weekends back. Any thoughts on this line?
Was in Miami last week, picked up a Tatuaje Conoju, one of my favorites of late. Along with the La Flor Dominicana Cameroon chisel point, I think I know where my cigar dollars will be spent this summer.
Just got around to seeing Food, Inc. and The Girlfriend Experience. Food, Inc seemed a bit sensationalized but it has made me reconsider my shopping preferences for produce. GFE was good. I thought the boyfriend Chris was as much for sale as Chelsea. Sasha Grey was either incredibly restrained in her portrayal or has little in the way of acting skills. Either way, it was enjoyable.
Pats DEF is truly awful. Was at the Skins/Pats game and the Skins were in a position to win with time running down. All I could think was "Wow, if the Pats can't stop us, what will happen when they play Pittsburgh?"
Captain America did a similar thing in the late 70s/early 80s as Nomad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thracozaag Wow, Julio Jones to the Falcons! Not bad. They need a #2 receiver, are set at QB, O-Line, RB, and I like the DEF, except there's no replacement for John Abraham.
The whole Cam Newton/Vince Young argument is interesting. Crappy disposition aside (and I'm not saying to discount that in the slightest if you're thinking of picking him up), Vince is 30-17 as a starter. So if Cam is as productive as Vince but less of an asshole, is it worth taking him? I know people say you can't always count their record, but if a guy wins every where he goes that has to say something. Mediocre college QBs don't suddenly become starters in the NFL. For...
Quote: Originally Posted by boogaboogabooga . . . . I don't know of any sexy guitar-ness coming out of Prince that isn't Hendrix-based or a rip on a Bernie Worrell or Eddie Hazel line. Which I think are also Hendrix based. And Hendrix might have bit Curtis Mayfield. It's been a while since I've been into all that stuff. I'd disagree about Eddie Hazel. A very sexy song (with an very unsexy name) is "Maggot Brain." It was definitely...
Just finished Losing My Cool, moving on to The Promise
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