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Finally catching up with Kendrick Lamar. Interesting to juxtapose his work with the view of LA from Frank Ocean's Channel Orange.
I don't argue that D is less prevalent recently--with the rule changes for zones, you allow for leas on the ball press and more willingness to allow shooters better long looks. But the move from physical to borderline mugging did no one any favors and skilled teams like Houston or San Antonio still overcame the Force style.Love the Dikembe vid and that he made people want to try and dunk on him.
The overhype of the Knicks and Pistons brawl style has lead, in many ways, to the backlash on that style of physical defense we see now. The ultimate intent was to slow down Jordan and it failed, while setting hoops back.
RE: Wizards, I'm having serious concerns about Sam Cassell being Wall's tutor. With the competent big men and a least one spot-up shooter, Wall should drop 6-8 dimes a game, but he's not there yet. He needs Rod Strickland to leave Kentucky and work with him again.
Watching Crossfire Hurricane right now. Being too young to know their beginning, it's an intriguing look at the anti-Beatles movement and transformation of the rock culture.
If you like music, check out Everyday Sunshine, the Story of Fishbone. One of the greatest bands that most people never heard of. Influenced so many 90s bands on the West Coast and beyond.
Bad Brains, "I Against I"; Frank Ocean "Channel Orange"
IDFNL, Yeah, he's been around for a while doing ambient hip hop. This cut is the first off of an album called Rock Creek Park--a tribute to the NPS site that divides the city east to west. All the 70s soul (Curtis Mayfield, Black Byrds) sifting though the sonic landscape make it really enchanting--if you can call hip hop enchanting.
Oddisee, The Carter Barron
RE: Perdomo Lot 23, my experience with this robusto is after a dry start it moves to a sweet note, then to a heady roasted coffee taste. It gives you some more chocolate/nutty notes, but never quite rises above that. It finishes nicely. By no means was I unhappy with it, and Edinatlanta, I'll be sure to error on the side of prudence and send you a few.
New Posts  All Forums: