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Of the current players, I can't think of any beyond those mentioned that would truly scrap, save for Caron Butler and maybe Paul Pierce. But from the back in the day files, don't forget Xavier McDaniels or Vernon Maxwell.
I respect your support of your team, but they are as useless as tits on a boar. At least my Wizards have no illusions of being the center of the basketball universe. They suck and have for years, with brief moments of competency.
Petula Clark, "Downtown (a compilation of Vegas heyday classics).
Bradley Beal gets to the rack uncontested, everyone has a brain cramp and no one calls TO to get the ball at half-court. Coach claims he was having a moment and game over. This was against the Wizards. GO KNICKS!
Just finished A Visit from the Goon Squad. I liked it, but I don't know if it was the revelatory novel it was hyped to me. asynchronous storytelling has been around for a bit and while her character development was good, was it enough for the genuflecting at Egan's feet?
This is one of my favorite books, read it during my Impressionist exposure. He and Joseph Conrad wrote a book called the Inheritors about people from a 4th dimension that "inherit" wealth and power through coercion.
imatlas, JustChris, I have no delusions about her acting ability. I agree, she had a lot of help.
Haywire; enjoyable, gratuitous violence on a furloughed afternoon. I did like Gina Carano and she had an awesome cast for such a popcorn flick--Fassenberg, Douglass, Bandaras, C. Tatum (!), and Ewan MacGregor. And now that her name is being tossed around as the next Wonder Woman, I'm more intrigued.
Love is a Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield. An ode to his first marriage, becoming a widow, and the role of music in the beginning, middle and end of his relationship.
You can't trade Wade, very true. But. . . .
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