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I enjoyed the book and Graham Greene. His maxim that writers should write 500 words a day is something I've aspired to. It's about quality, not quantity.
Just getting into the TR book. I realize Morris is the biographer of record for TR but he's a bit tedious with his detail about "Teedie" as a young boy.
Reading both The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Morris and The Wright Brothers by McCollough.
This off-season was unreal! Emojis, owners driving around like lost Uber drivers, Clips holding a grown man hostage in his own home, and Jeremy Lin gets another deal. America, y'all.
Assuming Cavs are willing to go over the cap, can they realistically sign Johnson for the $10 mil./yr he'd want? And why resign Varejao beyond loyalty? While that should mean something, not so much in this day and age.
Just started reading The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaajte. He's such an elegant writer--a shame that they butchered his The English Patient with that movie.
I'm with you on this. Payed more attention this season and liked the development of guards and at the bigs. The Otto Porter question is what scares me, even with the Truth on board. Of course Randy Wittman is coach an Grunfeld the GM, but the two did nice work last year and this past off season.Sorry to hear about Paul George. Indiana is in free-fall right now
I just finished The Long Fall by Walter Mosley. One of his newest characters, Leonid McGill, based in NYC. It's an easy read and good fun.
Lauar Mvula, Little Girl Blue. I just found out about her this week. Eclectic, to say the least.
Wittman and Grunfeld need to go, in my opinion, but we're pretty much stuck with both of them after this playoffs. The Wizards are still a few players short of being truly competitive (back up PG, SG, SF), Gortat and Ariza may well get paid above their actual pay grade, and don't know what they have with Otto Porter. I like what Gooden, Miller, and Harrison bring off of the bench but they're a combined 90+ years old. But playoff basketball is back in DC and the Phone Booth...
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