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Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Big time sale coming up ... 40% off all dockers ... free shipping period Waders are still my favourite till this day. they need more colors and inseam lengths. Would be their best product they put out if they do that. srs.
GF and I of 2 yr 4 months just broke up today when we first had the talk on Thursday. Initially, she wanted a "break" to figure us out but it now came to this. Her reasonings were the little annoyances we have with each other that led to this where she can't be in a relationship anymore. Her wanting to be alone (without having to feel responsible for me). Her studying abroad in France next semester (wanting to find herself as a person without having to think about...
yes? no? Looking for an all white low top leather sneakers for summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Will Levi have coupon's or just I just order now? I'm patiently waiting for at least a 30% coupon. The most I've seen was 50% through Groupon or something.
It's not really a big secret. People found out not too long after but the denim is cheaper and the buttons suck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Dickies slim straight: Those fit like 514s.
Quote: Originally Posted by SUP UNDGRD I just ordered a pair of waders on UO I ordered true to size and they are tight as hell...I can barely zip them up For those who have them, do they stretch? Nope. Should've ordered it from dockers btw. Free shipping + free easy returns.
no pics of the denim?
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