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Quote: Originally Posted by mikesduc What brand? I've been looking for some plain T's myself. I ordered some by Splendid Mills which will be here tomorrow but they were out of black. They are called Albam, I called them up for more colours and they are releasing a load more in February and a some new styles aswell. Worth checking out.
I got a tip off about some new t's and got a couple the other day. They are a little more than say AA but they are awesome. Photography is great too.
I got a Dior pair in a 29" to get that skinny fit and when new they are perfect. In my experience they stretch quite a bit so they need to be washed often. I would buy your size, if they are snug to start they will give.
For chino's which is more authentic? Lightly emerised (Brushed) twill or untreated twill Looking at getting a pair made but just weighing up the two finishes?
The sneakers are getting better and better. I had a pair of the new baseball style boots they are doing and they have outlasted my other Stan Smiths. In London the clothes are really highly regarded, Kim is the next big thing. If you want to get anything try, they work straight with the brand so can offer you straight from the warehouse which is pretty cool.
I think some are died optic white from the raw 'greige' colour which makes them really bright. A lot of companies seem to make them a cream/white these days so they look close but then don't get that extra bit of whiteness that sets them apart. Who does pure white denim I am not so sure anymore
What are peoples views on white jeans? I know a bit euro perhaps but really into them. Was wearing them yesterday and they seem to get the strangest stares.
Cheapmutha has got what I mean, by hybrid I mean the comfort of a jean but not looking like denim but not a formal style. The weight of the fabric is pretty key. Just found a pair of pants that are a super heavy twill but washed down cut like an Italian chino, loose in the leg but with a slim front panel so doesn't look baggy but then with trouser pockets. Hard to explain but when I get them will post a pic
Is the denim thing ever going to die down? I want to wear something other than denim but don't want to put on trousers. Any ideas? Kind of the holy grail but someone must have clues
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