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any luck on finding some decent track pants? im in the same boat...
i doubt they are plimsolls, those look like converse. easy usas look more like vans. these look more like all white onitsuka tigers. but i have no idea...
show me your godlike shoe knowledge http://a58.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/...dfdf45d249.jpg *edit heres another shot. the white ones on the left http://a903.ac-images.myspacecdn.com...38fa94b54e.jpg
sorry whats mjk?
this is 64$ from diesel. theres gota be a place to buy thin white long sleeve shirts for like 5/10$.... http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/image...l/p288679c.jpg
anyone know what brand of shirt sawyer wears on lost? they all seem to have snap on buttons
can anyone tell me where to find a hoodie like this black and white striped one? http://lax04.umicache.com/p/purevolu...94-1948963.jpg Thanks
good call. those were the jeans. thanks
So I saw some jeans and I wonder if anyone can tell me the brand. They were dark blue, and kinda shiny. The back pocket had a horizontal stitch across the middle, and two small diagonal red stitches across the bottom right and left side of each pocket. thanks...
i have this cheep dress shirt and it has the ugly yellowish lines across it, is there anyway i can bleach or stain the whole thing white? Thanks
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