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Bump for price drops! Now just $415 for the boots and $210 for the jacket... shipped!
Quote: Originally Posted by Seaweed Thanks for the reply. The 32 fit perfect, but I'm thinking that if I soaked them, they would be a little too small, then stretch out and be perfect again. The 33's that I bought were a size too big, when I soaked them they were still 1/2 a size too big, and once they stretch they will be even larger. If no one buys them from me for a decent price, I may resort to an agitation cycle, but I don't want to mess with...
Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan Hey man, just wanted to let you know, I know you said you soaked them and they only shrunk a little. Not sure about these jeans, becuase the denim is so new and I have never had this model yet, but alot of unsaf jeans sometimes don't get all the shrink out in the first soak. Sometimes a second hot soak, with some agitation really does the trick. I only say that because if you end up sizing down from this size,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Look at that fucking ginger behind you. Stick a dick in his ear, the twat. nah photobombing is an art and that dude is killing it
Thanks for the good words, guys. Bump for added Wings + Horns service boots!
I've tried on a few pairs of 3sixteen SLs and just picked up a pair of the greys- seems like they run really small in the waist relative to the overall cut. I assume it's because they stretch a lot, but off the the rack it makes the pattern seem kinda strange. From the waist down it's one of the best slim straight cuts I've tried on though.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 your an idiot. i agree with the sentiment, but there's a degree of irony in this post.
damn what a steal for that emory. I've got it in black and I'm still tempted!
All sold, thanks.
i've got a pretty similar nico jacket in army green. it's great - super warm, slim sleeves, high armholes etc. really useful that the sleeves zip off too. good luck with the sale.
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