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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I just don't get/trust some sellers, dude declares a 07 Julius jacket in great condition, 9/10 but has a what he describes as a "micro hole"? Nothing against the seller but do peopel actually still pay $1200 for this? i think he means 9/10 because 90% of the jacket doesn't have big holes in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 +1. How else would I keep my CPs crispy white? wild. every pair of dark jeans i've owned in my life bled on shoes. what are these magic rinsed/one wash jeans you own that don't bleed indigo on sneakers?
bourbon was my go-to until they changed management, their best bartender left, the food went downhill, and they stopped offering the ostrich burger. still a decent spot, but nowhere near as good as it used to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by stick Also depends on how "edgy" you want your jacket to be I guess, having the seams hit right at the ends of your shoulders makes it more classic/conservative, bringing them in makes them more edgy. Honestly I don't think it's worth fretting over that much, it can be a pretty subtle difference and is also affected by size of deltoids, sleeve length and biceps/triceps, etc. you may be right, but those aren't very...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear measurements on the crate? looks like the measurements are below the shirt
krane bag is sick!
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas You must do well on Etsy. BTW it's Duct Tape, not Duck Tape. The fact that it can be used to prevent waterfowl explosions is secondary to it's primary purpose of taping ducts. Duct tape is actually a terrible thing to use to seal ducts. Use mastic tape. Duct tape degrades quickly and then you have leaky ducts.
Krane has a F/W 11 collection coming out, I just got an email about the runway show. I don't know what's up with the site, but I think the label is in pretty good shape from what I can tell. As for how the line fits- I'd say pretty true to size. If you're a 40-42 you would probably want a 40 in Krane.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 No idea what Mauro is talking about but the point of my post was that I never knew when BoO and R&B changed their production practices and was looking for an answer. And yes, I'm not a fan of inflated prices for a product that is relatively cheap to make. I'm willing to pay that mark up to support quality US made products. yeah i wasn't directing my comment at you bud, just to people like uncontrol that...
every time this comes up the two sides argue different points. most people understand that made in china doesn't mean lower quality, but it does mean cheaper to produce, and moving production to china while maintaining prices set by us labor costs is lame.
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