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nice, love my grey one from last year.
Looking for Spurr (not Spurr by Simon Spurr) Pipe Legs in a 30. New or nearly new. Pm if ya got em.
I have a pair of new 3Sixteen SL-100X jeans (straight leg) size 30 for sale. I have soaked them once to get the shrink out but they've never been worn aside from trying them on. I just decided that this isn't the best cut for me. Purchased from Self Edge for $195. Price: SOLD Measurements are: Waist: ~15.7" with the waist aligned and pulled taught Rise: 10.25" Knee: 8.5" Leg opening: 7.9" Inseam: 34.25"
Quote: Originally Posted by jet your an idiot irony?
Quote: Originally Posted by onijo84 Brannock 11C/D, got 9.5EE. Jet, send in your measurements to them. Not to further confuse people, but I'm an 11 C and bought the W+H collab a few months ago in a 9.5 EE and they were too narrow in the toe box. Length was fine, but no way could I wear those comfortably. I guess everyone's feet are a little different though...
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot Yes, but luckily floral is better and more attractive and has a longer shelf life if you can pull it off. unlikely once everyone is wearing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I just don't get/trust some sellers, dude declares a 07 Julius jacket in great condition, 9/10 but has a what he describes as a "micro hole"? Nothing against the seller but do peopel actually still pay $1200 for this? i think he means 9/10 because 90% of the jacket doesn't have big holes in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 +1. How else would I keep my CPs crispy white? wild. every pair of dark jeans i've owned in my life bled on shoes. what are these magic rinsed/one wash jeans you own that don't bleed indigo on sneakers?
bourbon was my go-to until they changed management, their best bartender left, the food went downhill, and they stopped offering the ostrich burger. still a decent spot, but nowhere near as good as it used to be.
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