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ssense carries junya and diesel and has for years. diversification is smart for a web store if you can stock enough product to make it meaningful.
what on earth are you talking about? that price is awesome.
there's a middle ground here, fellas. all mtm clothing companies should offer a certain amount of communication regarding sizing, even if it's redundant. also, all people ordering a mtm garment online should expect to be fairly self-sufficient- it's not the same thing as going to a tailor.
3Sixteen doesn't have hidden rivets. 3Sixteen+ does, but those cost $300. 3Sixteen denim and construction is so much better than N&F though.
especially the new prints my man, so sick!
nice, love my grey one from last year.
Looking for Spurr (not Spurr by Simon Spurr) Pipe Legs in a 30. New or nearly new. Pm if ya got em.
I have a pair of new 3Sixteen SL-100X jeans (straight leg) size 30 for sale. I have soaked them once to get the shrink out but they've never been worn aside from trying them on. I just decided that this isn't the best cut for me. Purchased from Self Edge for $195. http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...f34fdd01dfda73 Price: SOLD Measurements are: Waist: ~15.7" with the waist aligned and pulled taught Rise: 10.25" Knee: 8.5" Leg opening: 7.9" Inseam: 34.25"
Quote: Originally Posted by jet your an idiot irony?
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