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i'm not sure why he doesn't just say "my shit costs more," and leave it at that. i think all but one person here understands that a small outfit making custom orders with high quality shit is expensive.
awesome, i hadn't seen the store before
as a casual observer who's been debating a purchase, you kinda send mixed signals when you complain about people emailing you to ask for customizations, but then joke about options that are available but undisclosed. you might save yourself a headache if you were a bit more forthright about what's available.at any rate, cool to hear about the standing collar- that's one detail that i've been wanting to see on your bomber/cwu for a while. might tip the scale for me.
Just got this from the sample sale and it's a bit big for me, unfortunately. Really awesome vest though, textured boiled wool, thick filling, really unique vest. Fits true to size medium. Measurements below, but since this is a puffy vest I'd recommend just going by instinct if you are a medium. Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 21.5" Length: 25" $60 shipped CONUS (I paid $50 + $10 shipping) Retailed for $175 I believe.
dope bag, great seller!
Thanks for the heads up! I think I may pass after all, but appreciate you getting in touch. jacob
If there are still vests left in Medium, I'd love a proxy and happy to pay a fair fee for your trouble. PM if interested.
nice boots and lol at thatguy looking to buy thatoneguy's boots.
it's pretty easy to pick out a nice fabric against a standard one. anything that's pima cotton still stand out compared to hanes, it's not really a contest. but arguing the relative value of designer clothes is so played...
I'm a big fan of epaulets and that jacket looks great.
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